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OK! I WANT TO gO and Tell her......but what do I say


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I'm a sophmore in highschool shes a freshmen, The most Iv'e ever done was make eye contact alot with her, Almost got her to go to a party but, she couldn't, Iv'e never talked to her, she sits far away from me, She only has one class with me in it, otherwise I just see her around a whole bunch, where she hangs out....I don't know her, so if i went up and asked her straight up to be my girl, I either get lucky as in she likes me or I could get dissed and end up feelin low......She does know I exist, iv'e seen her looking at me the same way I do to her, but thats it

ONCe i approach her during lunch or somthing when i got A good opertunity, what do i say instead of will you be mine kind of thing......ease into it a little or somthin instead of going direct........anyway get my drift... what do i do.......

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try being somewhat direct...ask her if she has a date for the vday dance? Or if she has plans on vday night? Something along those lines. Or if you want to atke a more indirect approach, maybe you could ask her to help you do something. start spending some time together. Ask her if shes good in a subject you need help in and see if she can help you study. or visa versa...if she has a poor subject, offer your help. Are you into sports? Hobbies? Invite her to watch you play your sport the next game or to come check out an art gallery with you or play (if those are your interests...if not try to substitute a recreation with the activity). Say something like, "I hear this play is awesome. I was going to go on sat with a friend. Do you and jenni want to come?" I am not sure how well you know her or what your hobbies are but there are a few suggestions...I know if I were approached by a guy who asked me that, I would be inclined to go.

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I have a BIG addition for you: I would suggest that you make her a few compliments and then start talking about your compliment.




You: "Hey, you smell good"

She: "Thank you!"

You: "What's that perfume you're wearing?"

She: "Oh, it's ... "

You: "Wow, it really smells good!"


Then wink to her, point a finger to her nicely, smile and leave with the words: "Hey, I'll catch you later!"


That will bring her soooo off guard. She'll be wondering about you for the rest of the day.... *heheh*. If she doesn't pick up on you the same day or next day, go back to her and then talk to her. There's a zillion subjects to talk about. Mermayd gave some real good suggestions.


Good luck!


~ SwingFox ~

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