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I dont want to mess this one up with seeming easy.

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Hi, Im wuddle, I met this guy Colton at a bazarr, and when he walked in the door, I saw him and I was like "hes cute" and my moms friend nancy, she said she would put a good word in for me, so she actually went up to him and started talking to him. I was happy..yet embarrassed..but the worse is yet to come, she started walking over to me WITH him beside her..I just turned red! I was like nooooooooooo and at the time I was selling hotdogs to help out for he school, and he bought a lemonde..and I was so nervous..and it was just aukward..anyhow he eventually left..and I was kinda sad..I didnt think Id ever see him again..and then, later on I walk over to nancy and im like "I wont ever see him again and I turn around and hes there!! I was sooo happy! and then nancy told me something that was just crazy, and she sais "look, chelsey(her 6yr old daughter) is talking to Colton..right the I was like oh im dead..this is gunna be bad! and then she comes over pulling his arm and shes like "Kristin, I told him you wanted to go to a movie with him...I started laughing, and turning red!! and then the little girl said "but he wants to give you his number!" and we exchanged numbers..and I found out he lived in the same town as me..and now...my problem, I havnt seen him since the bazarr..and we never had a conversation face to face..only on the phone and msn..so its really nerv recking..and hes so sweet!! he said he loves my eyes and that there shining blue, and really glowing..hes great..but Im not sure if he just wants to get into my pants or what..I DOUBT it..I reallly do, but I dont want to mess ths up like I did with my x..seeming easy..what do I do tonight!! HELP!!!

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The best way to prevent him from thinking you're easy is just to not be easy. It's impossible to know his true motivations, but he sounds very worth getting to know better. Here's the thing. If you approach every guy as someone you want to get to know better, then you can gradually let your feelings grow as he proves himself. If you leap to conclusions based on how he "seems," then you're always setting yourself up to maybe get hurt. So, take things one step at a time.

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