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Kissed her on first date...bad move?

Tears May Fall

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well me and this girl are talking for about 2 weeks and we got to know a bit about each other before our first date(due to me having finals, i didnt have time to go out until finals were done)...this girl or i should say woman, is about 9 years older than me, shes 29, which sorta intimidates me..now we went on a date a few days ago...we didnt do as planned cuz she delayed the date for a few hours, we were supposed to go to a comedy club but instead just went out for dinner, and then as dropping her off home, while talking in the car in front of her house, i leaned in for a kiss and we had a short kiss(about 10 secs)...and then she was like hmm i dont kiss on the first date, and im like well theres a first time for everything...nothing really felt awkward or anything but i dunno if i shouldve not done that or not...any thoughts??

she also was saying that i talk too much, but i was jus trying to not be boring, but i dont think im like most guys shes been with cuz im a very sarcastic laughing type of person, almost everything that comes outta my mouth is in a funny type of way, and even though i had her laughing, she seemed like she had the "i dont really wanna laugh" kinda look on her face...now i find that my sense of humor and cocky/funny talk usually attracts girls, she's different in a sense and i dont know how to decipher her, any thoughts on that too?

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