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took an IQ test

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I agree with dophar. I'm in the 140-150 range and success or failure in life rarely has anything to do with that. Dophar experienced the inadequecy of the school system to appreciate individuality and complex minds - they just churn you out like sausage.


It only looks at one aspect of your mind (usually the mathematical). Good if you plan to be in that line of work, not if not.


As well, those tests are written by rich white men. If you're non-white, you don't score well.

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The average IQ is about 100-110, so you are smarter than most (as far as IQ tests go which can be gender and ethnic biased).


I normally score anywhere from 120-150 on on-line tests. I KNOW I'm not a 150, so I think they inflate the number a little bit to build your ego up and get you to purchase more product or visit their website more. That's just an opinion, not fact.


I think my IQ is around 115-120.

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