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How can you get your x-gf if she moved on?

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Do as she asks, quite simply. If all she's looking for is friendship, leave it at that and be a friend, if you're comfortable in that role. The WORST thing you can do is push her to "rekindle" the relationship. If you can show her support as a friend and have her trust in that measure, leave it at that. The fact that you didn't push her will make all the difference in the world as far as possibly getting back together with her! But be patient-just because she wants you in her life in "friend" status right now doesn't mean she's looking ahead to starting something more later on, so don't get frustrated if, after 6 months or what have you, you're still that friend and nothing more!




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Take a long hard look at yourself and make sure you're ready to be just that - a friend, before saying "hey, yeah, we can be friends," because if you're not, it's going to hurt you talking to her as a friend, particularly if she starts dating someone else, and thinks you've accepted her as a friend. Often, once you get into the position of being "just" a friend, it's hard to turn back from there. So just think very carefully about what you want, and then decide; if you're not going to be content as friends, or aren't ready to handle that, you're going to have to be honest with her and tell her it's too hard to be simply a friend yet, you still have feelings beyond friendship, and need time to get over her before being ready to be a friend only.

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Like everyone else said, if she wants to be just friends with you, make sure that's what you're ready to be. Only friends. It is often said that "You dont know what you have until it's taken away", and maybe after dating a few other guys, she will realize what the two of you had, and ... maybe that will rekindle it? However, don't expect anything, thats just setting you up for another heart break, and those are nothing to relish in. Basically if you want to have something with her, be friends, be close, dont push, and be steadfast. Be patient. Thats it.

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