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What else can I do for her?


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I have been going out with my girlfriend for about 2 months now and when we do stuff together we usually devote about the last 2 hours for making out. I've read through the suggestions of stuff to do so we're not always doing the samething, but im running out of ideas and it is starting to become alittle repetitive. I'm pretty sure she is not ready to go any futher than me feeling her up, which i am totally cool with and i don't want to pressure her into doing anything she is not ready to do, but i do know she loves to kiss me and i just want to make it more exciting for her.


does anyone have any suggestions to make our time together alittle more interesting? any help would be appreciated.



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Kissing like sex doesn't have to just be missionary position all the time.


All you have to do is get creative.


Tease her. Run your lips along her lips. Be sensual. Use one lip, both lips. Kiss her on her face, her neck and anywhere else that isn't covered by clothing. Use your tongue. Don't lick her like a dog but like she's super hot. Like it's almost painful. Soft, slow and light. Breath slowly, put on soft music. Always stare deeply into her eyes. Intensely. Go slow as if time has slowed down. Start at her lower neck and run your tongue slowly and softly up to her lips.


Making love is an art and you have to treat each time like it's the last time (realistically it might be).


If she's getting hot, breathing tensely, talk softly how beautiful she is and how her eyes pierce your soul. How deep they are and that you don't have to words to describe them.


Suck on her fingers and toes. Nibble her ear.


She's an ice cream cone, it's a hot day and she's melting. Don't waste a drop.

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"She's an ice cream cone, it's a hot day and she's melting. Don't waste a drop." haha...


thanks for the advice, i'll use it hopefully tomorrow.


i tried looking into her eyes and telling her that she is beautiful but she laughed and told me i didn't have to say that. i told her i wouldn't have said it if it wasn't true...

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