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Warning!!! - Lovesick Babble - I FINALLY met her


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Well, it happened YESTERDAY!!!!!!


haha we finally met. oh man, it was so amazing and it was reeally great too. we drove for almost 4 hours and i finally ended up with her.


i knocked on her door, she answered and there she was! i was stunned. completely had no way to coming up with words to say. just seeing her there. looking so beautiful with her nervousness. we hugged and continued to hug. it felt really good to have her arms around me finally.


then we sat around and just talked about all the things we did on the phone and went upstairs to her room and she showed me around with my hand into hers. then we layed down on her bed for about 3 hours straight just holding eachother and taking everything in. after that, we went downstairs to answer the phone.


i gave her two christmas presents and forgot to unwrap one of them so i just gave it to her. she was really happy. throughout the whole visit, we both were reeally tired haha. so we didn't do everything or say everything we wanted to say and do. and plus i only had a couple of hours.


she's definitely not any other girl i've met. she's so sweet and great and so herself. she doesn't care how she comes out, she just does. she's just... herself. and i love her. i just can't put what i felt into words.


well after that, we took pictures of eachother and she showed me baby pictures of herself (including giving me 2 of them to take home). and after that we just dreaded me going back home. i layed my head on her lap and kept telling her how much i didn't want to go. and i didn't want to go at all.


and then her mom came home and i met her. and then my parents came by and they all met eachother. talked about the town and the drive. it was really cool. the thing is though, my parents know that we're a couple. but her mom doesn't know we are. i mean she MUST have the slightest idea but doesn't know yet. so when i had to go, we snuck in some last minute kisses and hugged eachother and then i went.


the drive back home was long. at first i couldn't stop smiling cause i just spent hours with someone i completely love. but as it dragged on, i looked outside and saw myself going further and further away from her. and it made me sad.


i came home and it didn't feel like home at all. it felt just far away from her. and it made me cry to think about it. so right now, i'm just waiting until the time when i get to call her..


haha sorry i sound like such a love-sick guy babbling on about things but i wanted to let it out.


and right now, i'm just worried in a way. the distance and everything. worried about what SHE thought about the day with me. like if i did something that made her uncomfortable, or if i wasn't all i was cracked up to be.


i know this long distance realtionship is going to be hard

and not easy, especially now since we met. and i know i'm going to post some things about us that we go through, heh. but i love her so much and i'm going to try my hardest to make sure we end up with eachother again very soon.


any advice as to how me and her can work through this?

we've never been in this situation before..


thank you for reading

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I would suggest, if you want to keep the long distance thing going, to try to make yourselves part of each others day.


I imagine you have a good long distance phone policy. Well, look into doing things like calling her everyday when you get up or every night before you go to bed. Share your day with her and vice versa. A good way to do this is with a web cam, a mic and MSN messenger. It's better than a phone because you get to interact visually as well. Email isn't personal enough - the phone is better = the tone of voice is far more personal and intimate.


I don't know how old you are but seeing her in person as much as possible is important. Long distance relationships tend to fail because of the disconnection that comes with distance. The loneliness aspect to it in that you just can't do something on a whim with that person and during sad and happy times that other person isn't there at the moment you need them. You can't hug them at any moment.

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I am really happy you got to meet and can only go by your words to imagine how wonderful an experience it must have been for you both.

I have to say that there isn't much that hasn't been said in Kdreger's post that i would add to. You have got to put in the work...i know that it feels so organic that you couldn't imagine trying at 'it' (the relationship that is) but it will be hard to sustain the attachment without some contact or adequate alternatives to this. You sound so young and sweet and in love that i wish and hope it all goes as great as your dreams and i hope you learn about the good nature of humans. Always x

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