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multiple sexual partners simutaneously


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okay what i am trying to say is that the idea of a gang bang just ounds so horny but short of hanging about council estates in hope of getting kidnapped by a gang of horny men (can you tell i have thought of that before!) i don't know how i would go about fulfilling this.



i think there might be an issue of 'consent' within this. or maybe i should re-phrase that - the onus for me would be ....


oh, i think i will stop there.


anyviews would be good opinions even better. ty

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hey so-so.

i wouldnt worry about it several people fantasise about group sex its just new to people and if thats what turns you on then you should fulfill that fantasy.

are you currently seeing anyone? as that could be something that you discuss. just as a background have you ever had sex before? only group sex to me wouldnt be as appealing if it was to be the first time, as some could say its not exactly the simplest and most pleasurable one of all.


i would say that this is something that you need to see through all areas, wheather you want to be in a loving relationship and go through it together or just enjoy this with a few friends. what ratio you want the guys and gals. dont go in without any knowledge and make sure you are comfortable with it.


have any of your friends got this fantasy, maybe as a first trial kind of enjoyment you could share it with them.


when you say consnt that makes me think of age of consent. are you above that? if not i would seriously think about what you are going into.


anyway enjoy yourself but think of all elements.


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Hi so-so,


I'm not sure whether you are male or female, but I think you are female.

Group sex can be hard to come by if you are not looking for it. There are also at least two distinct types of group sex.

Firstly, you can try advert columns for personal ads. There will be various assortments available in there.


When I said there are two types, I meant there are people who get drunk and have group sex in random circles. There are more formal liasons where the sex would be enjoyable, yet serious and focused.


If you are really sure you want to investigate, perhaps have a look around the web for info on group sex and attitudes towards them. Being on your own, could make you somewhat nervous and isolated, and if you are to persue this interest, you should know what you are doing, and why you are doing it. As always, safe sex is never more important than in this environment where people have sex with different partners regularly. AIDS is high risk in this scene.


Hope this answers some of your questions,

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Thanks guys. and for being so cool with your repiles. i was afraid i was going to get flamed or something.

I am in forum lurker mode.... I am 23, so over the age for consent in the UK. I am not a virgin and have had an experienced sexual life. I have been lucky to have been in situations which have allowed most of my desires and fetishes to be fulfilled but there remains a few and this is one of them.

I am single and even if i was in a relationship i would not and do not pursue this train of thoughts as i realise that their is a secretive element to it in that i enjoy storing these in my personal memory bank - like a notch on my post

I would hate for my welfare to be affected by my 'affairs' or carry-on's and since an accident a few months ago i have avoided ANY sexual encounters. I slept with a carpenter i had in to lay the floor, unprotected and had to have an abortion.

I make decisions as an adult and i accept full awareness and responsibility - it is just the repurcussions i dread.

So if i was to encounter my dream of a gang bang how would i seriously go about looking after my welfare? No fall-outs such as.

Regrading the consent i was talking more on the line of 'enforced' as in without consent but that i getting into BDSM and that's another thread!

Sorry about the speech

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*crosses legs*


Having group sex is like... being a trapezist. You would want to have some sort of trust in your multiple partners, so you may want phone numbers; signatures; names and locations of close relatives to terrorize, in case if anything bad happens. j/k

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Like any sexual encounter, you would be somewhat vulnerable. I would recommend you avoid party drunk group sex, unless you know all the people involved. Otherwise, it is normal practice for people to meet up and have a chat about the concept of taking part in on of these sessions. That gives you an oppertunity to get at ease with the people involved.


Other that meeting the people and gaining their trust, there is not much else you can do apart from making sure that you are vocal about your limits. A respectful group would be accommodating and understanding to this.


Also remember, the secretive nature of this part of the sex life is all well and good, but you never know who you might bump into ! Aiming for somewhere a few hours from home might be an idea - to ensure you don't meet someone you may already know !!!


Hope this helps you some !

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This isn't my cup of tea,


but I wonder what part of the fantasy the appeal is?


Is it being worshipped by many men? (attractiveness)

Is it the anonymous part of it? (its mysterious)

Is it the deviant part of it? (its "wrong")

Is it the surrendering part of it? (being broken to become free)

Is it the dangerous part of it? (bungee-jumping anyone?)


Couldn't the core of the fantasy be role played instead of actually played out? (dangerous)

Like say using masks and blindfolds over people you trust?

Or say making a deal to have your man anonymously take you at

some point that you didn't know exactly when.

(A particular day, with stop words agreed ahead of time?)

I wonder if all those other possibilities have been tried, before

having to go "whole-hog" into it.


One thing I would think is you need a partner or two that are on your side. Like a girlfriend or guy friend who has your interests in mind too.

Then you could plot out how to do it together. Maybe a dinner party

to weed out the crazy ones and come up with something fun from there.

Isn't that what swingers do?


Just some thoughts...


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So-So, It's OKAY! Remember to have a little knowledge of all the participants (STD"S?) Also, if you can have at least one friend, male or female, there to aide any overzealousness it would be wise. Men, by nature, are strongly attracted to the sight and scent of a naked woman. It's our nature to complete the act.


Be careful, aware and intense. In other words, ENJOY!! 8) [/i]

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