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ok here's the problem...i was hanging out with this really cute guy last. while we were talking out of the blue he says "you're really pretty" and i was like thank you and all that good stuff. and he acted like he really liked me, but he has a history of using girls.. but he was really sweet to me last night soo im not sure if i should date him or not because of all the stuff he has done with girls. and im not sure if he was just being really nice and sweet to me just so i will have sex with him..sooo what should i do date him or not?????????????????

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just look for signs. if he seems only interested in making out or sex, than getting to know you first, then chances are he's only going to use you. just take it slow. you can control yourself, so just think about how you want things to move with him. if you want to take things slow & not have sex for awhile, then don't have sex with him if things start to lead to that. i suggest taking things slow just because of his past. & if he tries to pressure you into anything then he's a jerk & is wanting to use you.

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Be extremely careful. If you enter into this relationship, you must totally forget about his past. If you cannot, then the relationship is in peril before it even starts. There must be trust in all relationships and you already having a problem trusting him.. I will tell you go out on a date if you please, but keep your pants on. Don't expect a long term relationship with him, even though it may happen! Be careful with you feelings and figure out if you can trust him.

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