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We are back together - Inspirational

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Hello everyone! I thought I would post this here for inspirational purposes and just to give everyone an update, too.


My ex girlfriend and I have recently gotten back together! I am so very happy and she is too. We both have seen our faults, and are still paving the road to happiness. We were on the way to go get something to eat, and in the middle of me telling her about my week and how things have been with me, she took my hand and put it on her lap and said "I was wondering when you were going to come around!" She laughed and I was in total shock! I had to regroup my feelings and emotions, b/c I felt so many at one time and I gladly took her hand and a smile came accross my face. We had been seeing each other for a total of 3 years and had been apart for about 3 months. I didn't necessarily follow the "rules" that I have seen here, b/c her and I still conversed and did things. We had decided the "no contact" rule just a week ago and hadn't had any contact up until now. I know it seems like a pretty fast move, but we had been single for 3 months and we bothed have missed each other even though we still did stuff and got along. She was afraid that I would hate her and I was afraid of losing a friend. We both needed to have that "contact" with one another. So as long as we go slow, we will be fine. We both agreed not to just jump right back into things. We still have a lot of ground to cover together. I have learned my lesson and she has learned hers as well. I plan on asking her to marry me in the future.


So....I guess I just want to say "Don't lose all hope. It will get better for you. I promise.

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I just wanted to add a few things.


The no contact rule did work. Once you go for a certain time and you've not had any communication, it leaves you and your recent partner to wonder about one another.


Thanks for the support and advice that I have found here at eNotalone.com

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Congratulations!! I think that people who get back together are doing more than taking a chance, they are deciding that love is worth at least another try.! Some will say that you are in the minority, etc., etc., - but the odds of staying together, or staying married in the first place are probably just as slim as trying to reunite! And look at it this way - at least you two were strong enough to take the chance!

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First of all , congratulations

But just some words of warning.

My Ex and I got back together after breaking up. For the first few weeks everything was perfect again- just like when we first met.

Then we slipped into old habits and arguments and he brok up with me 2 months later.

Please just take it sslloowwlly and hold onto your independence.

I am still hoping to get back with my ex again eventually because I know we both just have a lot more growing up to do on our own - then maybe it will work out. Afterall he is the love of my life.

Getting back together is not as simple as it seems. There is still alot of hard work ahead.

I wish you all the best

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Curbie, would you please help me with some advise. My ex and I broke up about 2 months ago after a 2 year relationship of living together. We both started seeing other people but always kept contact, even when it was painful we would break contact for a week or so then come crying back to each other but never got back together. She is leaving to move 3 hours north back to uni and I'll be up there in Sept 04.


On Saturday I told her that thats it we can't have anymore contact and we've lost each other. Later that day she rang crying and we ended up going for a christmas meal with lots of love, hugs, kisses and talk of how we can't actually let one another go as we are so close, we are truly best of soul mates. I'm going over tonight to see her as this will be the last time we can see each other before she goes, even though we both are spending new year with "others". It's weird but I truly feel that this is not the end but how should I play it. No contact? Keep in touch but to a minimum?


I do think that she needs to lose me completely to really appreciate me, but how do I go about creating that situation?


I'm lost!

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I'm not a pro here, so any advice I give is soley an opinion of mine. However, I would follow through on the "no contact" rule. I tried to do the "minimum contact" thing and it didn't make things any better. I was afraid that my ex would forget about me and she didn't. You two need to keep that in the back of your minds. I'm sure you won't forget about the girl and I'm sure she won't forget about you. So, I would just follow through on the "no contact" rule. Both of you enjoy the new year coming and get your minds on other things.


On Saturday I told her that thats it we can't have anymore contact and we've lost each other. Later that day she rang crying and we ended up going for a christmas meal with lots of love, hugs, kisses and talk of how we can't actually let one another go as we are so close, we are truly best of soul mates.


If you two keep doing this, then I believe that it will only hurt you two more in the end. It's hard to do, but you both need to be strong and have the "no contact." Ok, enough of my no contact soapbox...I'm getting off of that.


As for creating that situation...just politely talk to her about it. That's what I did with my girl. I just politely brought it up about not having any contact and we mutually agreed that it was a good thing to do. That's all I can offer you right now. I hope this helps

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just want to say congrats and good on you for not giving up hope through the bad patches. i think success stories like yours give us all that extra hope, brighten our days and give us all a little more to go on with our own battles. Was there ever a time when u thought it was time to give up? how do u maintain merely a friendship with someone u care so deeply for? Thanks for sharing, and again, am really happy things have worked out for you.

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