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Would it be wrong to break them up?

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hiya everyone, i have a little bit of a problem that i cant fugure out. There is this guy that i really like and im almost positive he likes me to, but see he has a bf, but from what i understand his bf treats him like shit, yet this guy i like seems to like him a lot....but he still hits on me.... im so confused and i think that if i really wanted to try i could get this guy but im not sure thats the right thing to do... i really like him and i really want to get to know him better but his (10years older) ugly fat bf is in the way.... so i guess im asking if it would be wrong to go after him or if i should back down and wait and see what happens....


whatever advice you have to offer is great, thanks



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I'd have to say same as any relationship - if he's hitting on you, talk to him and see what he wants or if he's flirting without any real intent. Triangles are messy to say the least - if he's really interested and tells you so, then's the time to tell him you'd be interested in pursuing getting to know him for a relationship - when he's free to pursue one with you. Getting involved before he's out of his current relationship is only going to set you up for insecurity as to how serious he is about you - and if he'd do the same if he gets with you, so be careful, don't get involved as the "other guy."

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Sooner or later he is goin to realize that his bf isnt right for him. I judst dont believe its ur place to try adn break them up. When the time comes that they separate thats ur cue to move in. For now, start a friendship maybe, and get to know him better. If he breaks up with his current bf for you, what does that say about a relationship he would have with you? He could do the same thing, or if things didnt work out with the two of you, he may resent u for losing his current bf.


Well good luck

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Oh wow i havent been to this site for so long! well i re-read this and i thought i should tell you all that this guy turned into a total ass hole and bacicaly blew me off after leading me on. but its cool, you know, i only relly really liked him........oh well, im good.....well thats the update. so this dosnet need responses anymore

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