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How do you rekindle chemistry? Men please

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rekindle chemistry??? JaimeNLuv, you gotta be more specific if you expect someone to help. Just for the sake of it, I'll take a crack at this one. SPACE - get it? Ever heard the saying "distance makes a heart grow fonder"? Try this: Only see each other once a week with no contact in between. Let yourselves miss each other for once. Set up a date - YES, an actual date. A candlelight dinner or a pinic of some sort. My guess is that you crowd each other too much and don't spend enough time apart. Take time to see some friends and tend to each's hobby. Try this for a month. Then DON'T CROWD EACH OTHER and make sure each of you has a life other than the other person.

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Chemistry can come from a few different things. None of these are helped by familiarity. We feel great when someone shows interest and we don't know how much, how far or how deep it is going. Like when you are hitting it off on a first date and wonder if they are going to be around for a while. You want it to happen, but you don't know. Chemistry is helped with a give and take relationship. Sometimes one is attentive and interested, others not so much. When will they call, what are they doing? Then they call, flirt a bit and you feel great. To have chemistry you need sme tension, but the right tension, and some mystery.

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Yes slider, I have heard of space and I am giving it to the guy I was seeing and by rekindling chemistry, I want to know if it is possible after not seeing someone for a few months and to try it again if it can be rekindled.

Thanks Beec, you give good advice...... I appreciate it. I don't know if you remember my situation but he emailed me wanting to see me when he comes back from WA...so I wasn't sure if it can happen again or not, I figure I can try at least if not it doesn't matter because I have a couple in the reserve

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JaimeNLuv, Ok, now I see. Re: "I have a couple in the reserve". Good girl!! Nothing like competition that makes a relationship a challenge. You are on the right track. And to answer your question, yes it can work but it all depends on what made you break in the first place. If it's because of long distance you have a good chance. If it's because of another guy/girl, maybe not. You see, it's all in the details.

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The best way to bring back the chemistry is to change things up.

Familiarity breeds contmept, meaning when a person gets to comfortable with you or you spend too much time with them, they start to resent you for taking the mystery, the chase the excitment from them.

If you want to wake a person up with the quickness, try being polite but being distant. Instead of always calling at 5pm this time don't call at all, and when the other person breaks down and calls you, your extremely nice to them but you tell them "oh i'm sorry I was busy" and if you really want to mix things up, you can even do it again right there when they call, "oh sweetheart, i'm so sorry, i'm swamped right now, let me call you back in a few. Then make that few about an hour or two. This will peek the person interest again, i assure you. The key to this trick is being very nice about your distance, very nice, but very mysterious. Nothing wakes a persons love up faster than the thought of losing the one they just knew they had. LOL

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Well...thanks for all the advice. It is definitely not because of long distance and neither is it because of another girl. It is because we both were too stressed out in our personal lives to have the energy to look at each other to make it into a relationship. Neither of us were emotionally ready for a relationship and neither of us communicated what exactly we wanted so we each made assumptions without asking. I just want a companion, nothing serious and so did he except we didn't tell each other. Just kind of danced around it and assumed that we were "together".

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