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Am I getting played??

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Well the ex and I talk and hang out regularly and she has confessed to me that she does not want to let me go and does not want me to move on but she needs to make sure within herself that we are meant to be. I believe we are but that's beside the point.


Anyway I have helped her out financially due to her being out of work for a month from surgery (and we've been together 6 years) she appreciates it but I found out she talks to another guy and last time we hung out I saw a hickey and pointed it out. I was mad and hurt and let her know that. She said she realized she was an awful person and that sometimes she doesn't realize what she has.


She also admitted that she wants us to be together but she is afraid of going back to the same boring relationship. I told her I was afraid of that too and I would show her but she needed to let me. She said she would but she wanted to take it slow and not jump into it.


Anyway, now I everytime I know she is alone, (she is only working half days) I can't help but think she is with the other guy. Am I an idiot or what? What do I do in this situation since we are not technically together?????? Help please!!!!



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Not only are you being played here, but sounds to me like your also being used for your money. She is hanging on to you because you are supporting her financially. Thats just my first thought on it. See I used to be friends with a girl who had a great guy. She was such a liar though and she milked him dry. I eventually had to cut her loose because she was just an awful person who couldnt be trusted...I'm getting De Ja Vois when I here your story.


Some women will keep you strung along until you finally wake up and smell the coffee. I tell you what, if you want to find out, stop supporting her financially and see how fast she retreats.


I give it two weeks tops.

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Time to cut your losses eibarra. Here's why... She's feeding you false hope. She's letting you think there's a chance for another relationship with you to keep you from moving on. Why? Because she need the cash. Sad, but true. Want proof? First, check out the hicky on her neck. Secondly, stop giving her money and see if she hangs around. Wake up dude! Action speaks louder than words. Don't listen to what she says - observe what she does. Is she making an honest effort to get back together? Nope. What should you do - you ask? You know the answer to that.

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Hey based on the facts you are all 100% right however the 6 years and the other times we've broken up and gotten back together also give me hope. I did tell her that if she is seeing some one that he should be the one helping her. Of course she tells me she is not seeing anyone like that.


So I have given her money but I mean we talk daily and hang out almost daily and alot of times I don't give her money. I mean she already invited me to spend Christmas with her family. Maybe I am trying to cover up the bad with the little good but when you've loved someone that much for so long it's hard to just walk away.


Is there something I can tell her or what do you guys think?



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Hey dude, try this. Give no money for no reason. Keep your wallet in your pants and your pants on. If she takes off, then you know that she was in it only for the money. If she stays, take things slow, before offering any more money. Honestly, sounds to me that your the perfect candidate for such a scam. My money is on her being gone the first time she asks for money and you give her none!!!!!!!!!!! 8) 8) 8) 8)

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Nobody said that breaking up is easy - we all know it's not. What are you going to do, wait another 6 yrs. before you figure it out? Just because she hangs with you, doesn't mean she's in love with you. No doubt she finds it difficult to move on too. Piture this: Let another 6 yrs. go by and she meets the James Bond look-alike she's been waiting for all her life with shitloads of cash and see where you stand then. Don't let her stroke you dude - life is too short for that.

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Oh man why must I be such an idiot. Now, her bills are paid, I bought her a few things, and she has money in her pockets and I am left with a retched picture of her and some guy giving her a hickey.


That's another thing, for all you who have known your exes are with other people, HOW DO YOU GET THE PICTURE OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND GET THROUGH THE PAIN!!!


I guess what goes around comes around, that's my only justice right?



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I think most guys that are in here are the ones that all these girls are losing out on but there is nothing we can do. I give this girl everything she wants and she doesn't realize what she has in front of her.


I have met other girls, and want to meet other girls, however, I find myself a little too desperate because I am trying to do it for a quick move on and maybe to get the ex jealous.


I don't get it, why is it so easy for the person that broke up to find someone and for the person left heartbroken it's almost impossible.


GOD please help us all!!!

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Re: "I don't get it, why is it so easy for the person that broke up to find someone and for the person left heartbroken it's almost impossible."


Why? Because in a lot of cases the other person already found another person before actually breaking up - or at least had another person who's willing in mind. Unless you're with your partner 24/7, you won't see it coming - however, it can be sensed. The person starts getting restless, unaffectionate and argumentative at first. Of course they'll never admit to having an agenda. That secret is often taken to the grave.

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Not all women are just out for the money. i for one, know that My man has little to no money right now, I mean things are tight, and before he used to give me a lot of money. I stayed with him because I love him, not because he had the money in the first place.


Sometimes you get hurt to teach yourself a lesson, and sometimes you get used to teach you how to look for it next time. Not all women are like this though, however , be careful, watch how you display how much money you have!!! I mean Are you constantly bragging about the size of your wallet, or do you actually bring substance to the relationship? If you are always bragging about money to a women...then you will attract more women like this girl.


Try this for a change, next time you date another woman act as if you have about two dollars to your name every week! If she stays with you after that, then you may have yourself a keeper.




BELIEVE ME: what goes around comes around is better payback then you could ever come up with, see because what goes around comes around is something that you put into the most highs hands and let him/her take care of it.



When you try to out do someones good, you will almost always come up short; but when you try to out do someones evil, you will always over do it.

Just let her just do's come to her, you don't have to do anything but sit back and watch.

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I believe you all however I think I need to tell you the whole story. We have been together for 6 years and we have not always had money. I opened up a CD account about 2 years ago and have been saving. She never knew how much money I had. She's been with me through the poor times and the rich times. She still doesn't and I don't tell anyone how much money I have, there's no reason to.


Theres just much more there than meets the eye. Maybe that's why I still have hope.

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She may have been there through the poor and the rich times but now she has no job, which do you think she prefers? And you're overlooking the HICKEY! Dude, you say, "I need to tell you the whole story". How much more DO we need to know?


Theres just much more there than meets the eye.


If love is blind eibarra, even Stevie Wonder can see better than you. I don't want to be mean to you, honest. I sinecerely want you to be happy with someone. Really! But if you look up the word "stubborn" in the dictionary - there you are.



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What's sad is that you are absolutely right. I mean why do I feel like she's the only one in the world for me. I am not a model type but I am an attractive guy why can't I just go out and meet someone else to distract me from all this.


My head hears you all but my heart has gone def. How do you deal with the person you love talking to and seeing someone else? How do you rid yourself of this hold they have on you? Someone help me break this spell please.


I feel bored, alone, used, played, and heartbroken all at once.



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