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I Just Can't Do It!!

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Hi Everyone for the people that read my last post about my situtation link removed

I think my situation is getting alot worse I mean when I see her I really want to go up to her and just say something, most of the time I just can't do it. I try to think that I can do it but when the time comes and she just passes by an even something like "Hi", when the day is over it makes me feel so confused it. I just think to my self "whats wrong with me why can't I do it ". I tried talking to my friends about it they think I should just go right up to her and start a conversation.....in the last few weeks I find my self being a more of neing a loner. For once I would like someone to take give me some advice from my point view with whats going on now. She just seems like she's the person to really try and get to know me and I don't what to do. Thanks any advice would be appricatated????????

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Wow, you got a bad case of the nerves. Face it, you are scared of something, whether it be looking like a fool or just getting rejected. You need to get over it and not just with or towards her.


First, know that if she keeps looking, she is interested and wants to talk to you. Dude, she likes you.


Second, she is not so different from you. She may not know how to talk or what to say.


But we need to get you to hello and into a conversation. A simple hi should not be a problem (She likes you). So prepare so open ended questions in your head to ask her (Anything without a yes or no answer). What did you get for X-Mas? How did you do on that project? What did you think of this movie? You know who she is, there should be a way to find out things about her. Do some research, what does she like and what interests her? If you know that she loves to watch 80's music videos, bone up on them, learn what you can and them when the opportunity arises, you can ask and she will be off and talking. This goes for anything she likes, learn about it so you can ask her about it. Then prepare for and fake the conversation in your head. Once you get taling you'll be fine.

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Listen, I happen to think its cute that your not some over aggresive jerk who thinks women are objects and you must conquer them all. I happen to like your shyness. Listen if you can't talk to her without getting the heeby geebys than just write her a short but sweet note. "Hi, its me ___ and I think your beautiful, i am not good at approaching people, so I had to write you this note, see i'm a bit shy. If you want to talk please call me at _______-or we can meet somewhere.


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