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Online Relationship? Opinions on my situation, please?


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I've talked to this guy online a couple times over the last couple days. He seems really nice and he lives very, very close. He proposed the idea of going to a movie this friday, and I'm a bit skeptical. I want to go, but you can imagine what's going through my mind...


My plan is to bring a friend, but would that be a little weird? I don't know, this whole thing is just beyond me. The worst part is that he's 16 (17 in a couple months) and I'm 14 (15 in a little less than six months)


I just need opinions... maybe some advice...

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See if you have a friend you can make it a double date with so you won't be meeting him alone and won't be so awkward about having someone there who might feel like a third wheel. That it's in a fairly public place is good - but that would give you a bit of extra security. And make sure you have a schedule to keep to - and your friends and family know when to expect you back - even ride with your friends and meet him there, and leave with them, for the first meeting in particular. It might not be very romantic - but even if you'd run into this guy at the mall, you'd want to make sure you got to know him a bit first, so be safe.

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On-line relationships can turn into real ones, but you need to be careful. How do you check him out to make sure he is not crazy and going to hrut you? You get what info you can on him before going: a real address, phone number, name, check them and then make sure you meet only in public. A movie would be a public place with other people around and should not expose you to anything dangerous. However, you alo are not going to be talking to him during the movie, so how do you get to know him. Probably by talking somewhere after? Make sure you have a planned spot and safe route to get there. On the otherhand, I might feel weird for both to have a friend along. If that's the only choice to keep you safe, do it.

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I would give it some more time. You may think you so much about this person in this short time, but if you really felt secure with the idea of meeting him (as a potential date or just as a friend) then you wouldn't have any doubts or fears as you do now. I say talk to him some more online. Maybe in a month or so you will be more comfortable with meeting him alone in person. Also since you are still pretty young, I would suggest you meet him somewhere with a lot of people like a local restaurant (since you two live so close). I think when you are completely comfortable with meeting up with someone that you've been talking to online, you won't feel the same doubts or concerns you feel now. So just take it slow.

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Hey there,

I just want to say, that I had my fair share of online dating... Be very very careful... First online dates are usually short and simple... Like coffee or hot coco, a movie is way too long... That way you can sum him up, whether to see him again or not. Your only 14 thats really young... Just to be on the safe side, my advice is too take your friend, to help scope this guy out... Meet at place that is very open like starbucks. Once you see what he looks like in person you'll know if you like him or not. However, if you don't get a good vibe about him, just walk away... If you do like him, and everything works out, then make plans to see a movie or something on a different day...

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oh and i forgot to mention how my dads bestfriend is a cop so they got all the info on my boyfriend and everything and if they even see one sign ive tryed to contact him online or on the phone theyll send the police to his house right that second and my dad wants to put all his effort into getting my boyfriend charged etc. i told u the age difference didnt i- he is 20 and im 16, will be 17 in may. Please i need someones advice- i feel like i have no one. i have been so depressed over the last few days but i know i have to learn to accept the things i cannot change and have no control over. my dad followed me while i was out with my boyfriend and somehow found out his liscence number. i love him more than anyone on earth, i would easiy give up what i have for him and his happiness is essential for mine, he works very hard and this has stressed him out a bit and i just want him to be careful whatever he does and take care of himself because he is someone that i feel i could spend the rest of my life with- which surprised me because i am so young i didnt think id find someone like this - i love him and he means the world to me, i just wish we could be together sometime before next may when i turn 18. Please someone give me some advice. email removed email removed

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ive only seen his beautiful face twice in my life, and i wish i could be with him every second of the day. he is a wonderful person with a good heart, and he only has good intentions he is a really smart guy and i know he is true to me, i dont think age should be the biggest factor. i dont love him because i need him i need him because I LOVE HIM. this sucks. what is my life now- i cant even leave the house for two years. and its not like i was ever a crazy teen because i make the right choices and i respect my elders and listen to them, i respect my parents, i realize they are the ones who keep a roof over my head and gave birth to me, etc., i just think i ***ing deserve some freedom and the right to do things on my own and make decisions for myself once in a while and i dont think they have any place to judge him because they dont know who he is. my dad has threatened to permanently scare my love's life if i even wrote him a freaken email. oh when i am 18 im moving out, what kind of life is this, i know there are people who have it worse obviously, and people that would love to have half of what i have but parents here a hint for u- give me a freaken break okay.

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