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Hey I have been dating my girlfriend for 4 and a half months and we have been having sex almost the whole time. The problem is that basically we only have sex missionary style. I want to have sex with her from behind but everytime I ask she gets all upset saying that she doesnt want to cuz she is uncomfortable with her back to me. She says I want to have sex that way because I dont want to look at her face. I have told her this is not true and everything but no matter what I do she wont budge, telling me its never going to happen so if I want to do it like that to find someone else. Yet again last night we were getting intiment and I asked if we could do it the way I want and she said no and gave her reasons and got hurt again so I was just like F it and didn't have sex with her at all, which didn't help things. We got into a huge fight and I was very ready to break up with her. Is there anything I can do to get her to be more open in the bedroom, I dunno what else to do, I fear this relationship is gonna be destroyed...I love her but I want a better sex life

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there are always other ways bro. have her on top... ther are numbers of ways you can try. Some wome just don't like to expiriment though, so you might just have to live with it.


to try and put it in perspective, there is something most guys aren't willing to expiriment with, and if you're one of these guys imagion if she was insisting on sticking something in you... I'm trying to stay under the pg13 rating here, so I hope you see what I'm getting at.

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I know theres other things, I've tried to get her to get on top too she wont do that either, all she is comfortable with is missionary and I'm getting very frustrated, I'm not happy and she says she will do anything to make me happy but she doesnt, and my sex life is dull but ya anyways thanks for the advice

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Seduce her into doing it that way. It sounds as if you want to get to what is normally caleld "doggy" style. Take steps toward that by getting a little out of missionary and make her want you to try soemthing different. Do some research on kamasutra positions (there are a lot). There is one with her lying on her stomach and the guy on top lying, so the bodies are next to each other and it's much less distant than doggy. Or Spoon, like two spoons in a drawer. Make one of tehse your goal. I'd opt for the first, and the following strategy: start with a massage of her while lying on her stomach, begin non sexually, with her back, sides, feet, anlkes, calves, legs, then back to her back, While you are doing this, kiss her shoulders, back and side of her neck and her lips. Work her back a little moe than move around to her breasts and down to her buttocks, and proceed between her legs. Use your fingers while her back is to you and she is lying down. While you are doing this, lie down with you weight on her, reach around and use your fingers some more, until you get her off. Don't try to use this position yet for intercourse, just make her like what you do really bad.


Wait a week or two and try it again. Then stop before you get her off and try to slide in this way. She'll let you.



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