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I like her. Im not sure.....but i think my friend might too.

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Hi everyone

I have liked this girl for ages and ages now lets call her *abbie*, I dont know if she likes me (it would be nice to think that she does, but thats not really why im here).


Anyway, she used to go out with one of my friends but they only went out for 2 days and then she finished it because she thought that he was too 'clingy', after this he fancied her for a long time and a few moths ago he said he didnt like her like that anymore. A while after this i told her that i liked her and i have really felt strongly about her since my friend stopped liking her.

I am now very good friends with her and continue to feel strong feelings towards her (i seem to be scared to ask her out though)


Today at school we were in science and i was sat with a girl named lucy, my friend came over to talk to me and lucy suddenly said to him "do you still fancy *abbie*?" I couldnt hear mi friends reply but lucy said to me "it looks like you have some competition". My friend has told me before this that he does not fancy her but now i am unsure, i no that it is up to him who he likes, but if it is true i am angry that he hasnt said anything to me before.

What does everyone think of this, what am i supposed to do about it?

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I agree, agree, agree. Talk to your friend. You have to know where you stand with him. If not, you could risk losing his friendship.


I'm not clear on the extent of your friendship though. Is he your best friend? One of many? More of an acquaintance? Everyone is your friend in high school, your perspective changes when you leave, and I've been out for 10 years now!


But, you don't want to hurt him if he is a good friend. I lost my best friend in high school when I was in the same situation but reversed. She was the one that wasn't clear on my feelings, went for my guy and well, that was that.


So, please, talk it out.

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I would not talk to him to see what he wants and feels. What is up with that? I'd give him an ultimatum: "Dude, go bust a move. You get one week, or she's gonna be mine." He has already screwed up with her once, he is probably going to be chasing her, and he is going to get rejected or dumped quickly for doing the same things. Let him screw up, then scoop her up. You'll have been fair to him and given him the first chance. What can he complain about?


How to scoop her up? That's a different lesson.

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