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Hi i have posted a message before a while back regarding me and my exgirlfriend. We broke up and then 3 months later she got a new bf. We were really in love. Well she fell in love with this other guy but we stayed friends and kept talking just recentley her and her boyfriend brokeup and we hung out together again but she wanted this other guy who shes head over heels for. She and him made and other stuff cause she told me all about and how great it was and stuff like that, she keeps telling me all that stuff and hows he s perfect and we went over there one night and things between them got messed up i guess cause the whole way home she complained about how shes ugly and fat and that she hates all guys and there are no good guys left and stuff like that and i asked her a week before that if there was ever a chance for us again and she said no were friends and that im not her type of guy anymore. She calls me when she wants me to go somewhere with her but this has happened like 4 times now in the last couple of weeks ill call her and she will be gone and wont answer and were suppose to go somewhere i think that shes up seeing that guy again and there getting along or something again i wanna tell her how i feel i feel like im being used by her and that im like her ragdoll and that if all else fails call me and hang out with me those kind of feelings i wanna tell her i love her still and that even though its been so long i want to get back together and it would be great this time. I want to tell her all that stuff and tell her how i feel im being treated. We talked about me and her going out again but she got all weird about it and i do understand she fell in love with this other guy and they broke up cause he cheated on her and shes hurt but i have been hurting 2 years now since weve broke up and its werid cause i like hanging around her but it also hurts to do it and it really hurts when she talks about all this stuff about this guy she wants and what she did with her exboyfriend and stuff like that. I know i should be over her and i am more then i was a year ago but i still have those feelings. I read the how to get your ex back posting and im not sure i want to tell her how i feel and how i feel im being treated i want to write her a note about it and explain it all but i feel like this would be a good idea but i feel it might be a bad idea. I think it would be a bad idea according to the how to get your ex back posting i dont know please help with suggestions and stuff. What do you think i should do?

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hey crazy world,


I am not sure that I can tell you that this girl is good enough for you. From what you describe, she is not worth the effort.


I know u have been trying to remain friends cause u care about here, but she knows how you feel about her and she goes on talking about how great this other guy is. Lame. Really insensitive. . .


I really think you should just try to break off contact. Don't even give her a reason. You've been thinking that she is your source for happiness and I think you need to look elsewhere for that. Spend the next month doing things for you, go try some things you haven't done before, and hang out with the boyz. I'll tell you from experience, I can spend a week upset over a girl, but one night out with the guys makes me wonder what the hell I am doing getting up set over one girl, when there are SO MANY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS OUT THERE.


For whatever reason, this girl wants to move on, and by being her friend right now, you are giving her just what she needs and sacrificing what u need. Is it worth it? If there was real love there you wouldn't need to do all this.


I say after you have had some time to yourself, if she doesn't come back, by that time you really wont care. Trust me on this, I have been there.


Good luck and keep your chin up.

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I know how you must feel But this sounds like a toxic event of happenings The fact that you broke with her and now she's "in love" with another is a werid place to be because it makes you wonder about the depth of her love for you to have fallen for someone else so soon and the trying to be friends during that ouch ](*,) i've done that just that it was way past love it was engaged and ready to be married.But anyways then you metioned how she would say shes fat and ugly red flag for low self esteem which is a sure sign she's not that in love because she can't really love herself and this is something she most admit to over come.also she gave you a big arrow in the chest by saying "your not her type anymore" ow i mean why doesn't she just face you in front of your friends i think that see may be in a confused state right now not sure of herself or her heart and until she deals with herself i'd say that you shouldn't take up all of your time dwelling on her find ways to busy yourself do things you enjoy being friends with an ex and one this hurt and confused is a diffacult thing to do it needs alot of self enpowerment and willpower and the restrant to run to her every call I'd hate to see you waste years of your life as i did on one who obvisously isn't sure. All i can say is take time for yourself go out have fun safely and try to think about your best interest and not become depressed over her confusion


good luck-


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