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what do guys want?......


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okay so im working on getting my ex back and i was just wondering. what do guys find really attractive. i will do anything to get his attention. what do i wear, how do i act, what little flirty things will drive him crazy, how could i flirt with him ( no other guys involved in this one) to make him so he can't think about anything else? i want to make him insaine and want me really bad. please help.thanks,

love Qtpie87



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if its your ex-boyfriend then your obviously already close to him....one thing that drives me insane is when a girl that im with or like pokes at me (im ticklish). Maybe I'm weird I dunno, it's just an innocent way of flirting. Show him you like him, talk to him not too much, but just enough for him to pick up interest. Let him know...When you see him come up behind him and put your hands on his shoulders, or pick on him. Just keep conversation and slight physical contact. Talking to someone is one thing, but when you make physical contact casually in an unsuspecious way whether it be tickling, hugging, or whatever, add a little flirting and they start to get a general idea

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I'm guessing by your name that you are born in '87 thereforeeee you are 15-16.


My guess is that your BF is around that age as well.


If I remember correctly (and I do), being all clingy and trying to hard and stuff will DEFIANTLY scare him away. Just chill and find your own life without him (not necessarily with other dudes). He will come back , if he wants to. But he defiantly won't if you are all over him!!


Good luck!

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Let's see if I can jsut get you thinking right about this. Before you ask the question "What do guys want?", ask yourself "What do girls [or women] want?"


Do women want a man to compliment them and listen to what they talk about? Do women want men to take an interest in them? Do women want men who have an interest in something, so they can talk about something? Do women want men who dress well? Do women want men who dress very differently than other men? Do women want a man to constantly be adoring them, or would they rather a game fo flirting and potential?


The same things that women want are the things that men want, for the most part.


Of course, we all want compliments and to talk and have people listen. We all want to have our mate, gf, bf, etc. interested in us and to share our interests. Yes, a guy may want a woman who is a sports fan, so he can still watch games, instead of doing other stuff like going shopping on a weekend afternoon, but he may not want a woman who can kick his butt in baseball trivia. A woman may want a guy who is willing to it through a chick flick, but probably does not want a guy begging her to go to one. We want our men and women to dress well and fashionably, not in a style that's out of date, messy, or even overyl dressy. A guy in suit or a woman in a dress may be great looking, but wear one to school regularly and it would be too out of place. We also don't want someone who just adores us and slobbers on us, who follows us like a loyal dog. We want a counterpart with some challenge. Ladies, think about what you want, and you will have a hint as to what guys want.

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But he defiantly won't if you are all over him!!


Why would he want you back as your girlfriend when you are out looking hot and able to get any guy you want- but instead you are only flirting with him. He wouldnt miss you. He'd just see you as someone that is guarenteed to be flirting with him when ever your around- commitment free, and he'll love it. He didnt break up with you because you werent satisfying him on the intimate side. If did then he's not worth your time, but i doubt he did.


i want to make him insaine and want me really bad


The only way round this is to make him miss you. And there are two ways to this. And it is not flirting with him whenever hes around, that will only keep him away because he sees you as a toy he can use whenever he wants (especially if he is the age ugottabejokin predicted)- you are no longer a challenge to him! The only two ways to make him miss you is to either stay out of the picture (the sensible one), or to play mind games with him and make him jealous. This would mean dressing up hot (the more revealing the more attention), and flirting and dating other guys. He will miss you and want it back. He'll think, 'dam that used to be me, i kind of want it back', and 'shes enjoying herself and looking great since i left her, maybe i made a mistake in dumping her'.


But do you want him back through jealousy, because if thats the route you take, then its not gonna last long. Have you identified and learnt why you two broke up? Have you fixed the problem and learnt from your mistakes? If you havent, then take the sensible route and stop contacting him. Learn what went wrong. Im learining everyday and im getting wiser for it, 6 months later! Through no contact he will also miss you, the sooner the better. Make a resolution to become the complete package. Look good and more experienced, so when he eventually comes back he will be blown away!


good luck, and dont sacrifice yourself for him. You are number one. When you make him the goal, he wont ever come, ok?! Stand tall and he'll come back for more.

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