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Could you please give this insecure boy some advice?

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Hi, Okay I've been friends with this girl for about 2 months now. We have always been very flirty with each other and i've always had a crush on her . As time went by we got closer and closer. I could always tell she liked me too but she had a boyfriend so i never asked her out. i would just be friendly. She hasent been happy with her boyfriend for awhile. Then one day we were talking and she was all sad so i wanted to make her feel better and without even thinking about what i was saying i told her that if she was single i would love to date her. Then she got all happy and said she liked me. So a few days later she tells me that she kinda broke up with her boyfriend(there on a brake, she told me she wants to let him down easy.She says he's very possesive) I felt really bad but everyone was telling me who cares, like if i didnt do it some other guy would come along and do it so why not me. So we started talking a lot more. We even hung out for awhile 1 day. Then the next day i called her. But she was really busy so she said she would call me back. She didnt call me back. Which was okay, this was the day she said her boyfriend was demanding to hang out with her and this was when she told me she wanted to let him down easy. i dont want to rush anything. But its been 3 days since i've talked to her i called twice but she hasent been home i didnt leave a message.She hasent called me at all. The weird thing was last night i was at Mcdonalds with my friends. then out of nowhere her and her boyfriend walked in. I don't think she saw me but i didnt say anything. What should i do? Everything seemed to be going so perfectly except for the fact she hasent called me in 3 days. Like after hanging out i was 100% sure we were gonna start dating.Am i over reacting? I just really like her a lot. Way more than i ever expected to. I know its bad to date a girl right after she got out of a relationship. I dont feel like a rebound guy. am I? sorry about all the questions. Ive just made so many mistakes in my like with girls. I dont want to again. I'm also very insecure with girls. Like if a girl told me she liked me, then the next kinda ignored me i would think she doesnt like me anymore. Ya im very insecure. Please tell me what you think of this situation. I would really like to know.

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you need to get a hold of her on the phone or at school or something and ask her what really is gonna happen between the two of you. ask her if she is gonna end it with her boyfriend or not cuz you don't wanna date her if she is on a brake with a guy and just dump you to go with him again. cuz that is kinda of like cheating but without the guilt (in my eyes at least depending on the situation) tell her you care for her and you want to know that the relationship may have a chance of going somewhere. just make sure that the boyfriend isn't gonna come after you either heh. sorry i had to add that. but just talk to her as soon as possible. before someone gets hurt. tell her that you are a little insecure about it and that you weren't sure if she liked you anymore. girls like honesty most of the time.

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i think you shouldn't do any thing like in the bf gf kind of way with her until she completely breaks up with her bf. if she really likes you enough & wants to date you, then she should break up with her bf first. its not right to either of you for her to say she likes you, but has to slowly break up with her bf. i don't see why she would have told you she liked you if she didn't, so i think she does like you, but i also think she likes her bf & just doesn't know what to do. you can still be her friend, but i think you should wait until she breaks up with her bf before doing anything with you. thats the least she could do for you if she really likes you.

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