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I was right he did slip away

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I was right about my bf. He broke up with me today over the phone. You think a girl would get used to being dumped. It is so hard for me though. I just wish I knew what I did that was so wrong. He says it isn't me, but I know that is not true. Oh well I should have known because I never have anything good happen to me, and I never get what I want. That's life though right? Thanks for hearing me babble.

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you didnt babble you were expressing how you felt about this life event. im sorry to hear of the breakup with your boyfriend, i had answered your posts and through what was mentioned i believed unlike you it was a phase that would be overcome. im sorry for giving the wrong advice.


to break up over the phone is not a very mature thing to do and in itself shows that he was obviously dealing with some emotional issues as he was not able to say this to your face. are you sure that this is a deffinite breakup that cannot be helped? only it seems strange for a man to first say that he loves you and then turn around and say its not your fault. personally i feel that you need to gain answers and that the least that you deserve. you need to find out what youve been wondering, why its happened. if not you will not have a clear conscience.


you do deserve well in the world, and no you shouldnt have to go through this again only because you have nefore thats not how the world works.

as ive just said in another posts, the world is about learning, learning about yourself and what you need, require and will gain.


im sorry that you broke up.

hope i helped and if you have any other questions i would try and help you.


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Thank you all. As far as I know it is permanent, but who knows what life has instore for us. He said he wanted to break up because he knew that I would not be able to move up there with him. He said it just wasn't going to work out. I guess he feels this is best so that I don't get hurt worse in the long run, but it still hurts either way you go. I feel so low I don't even know where to start again. He went out of his way to get with me. He even waited for me from when I was in a previous relationship. This is insane. I can't believe this is happening.

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Let him go, remember what I told you, if you chase him he will just run faster. Let him go, and dont you waste time blaming yourself, sometimes it just happens. I knew this was going to happen this is why I told you to pull away yourself because I could tell he was doing this to you. I wanted you to become independent and build up some confidence in yourself so he couldnt hurt you so bad. He' sounds like a real Sag to me...(you know what this means) they are not good matches for you. I hope you find yourself a Libra LIBRA MEN ARE AWESOMe and they wouldnt just dump you for being a nice girl.


I have been dumped, my man has been dumped, my sister has been dumped, mom, dad, you name it, it happens, be happy it happened now, and now two or three years later. I'll pray for you, and you will be fine, the faster you move on, the less time youll waste feeling sorry for yourself. Your only 20, you have so much life to live.

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Sweetypie is right, it happens to every one, so don't think that you did some thing wrong. you said that nothing good ever happens to you.... i realize that this is your sadness speaking, but don't think like that. negative thinking is only going to make you feel worse. instead you should think that the time you spent together was a good thing that happened to you & you tried your best, but it just didn't work out. thats all any one can do, is put all that they are into a relationship. if it doesn't work out then it just wasn't meant to be. this only means that there is some one more perfect for you waiting some where & one day you will run into him. i have learned that it does help to write your feelings down or to talk to some one.

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