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Well, definately throw out the pictures early. . .

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Well, dispite my up-beatpost the other day on how well I am doing, I was cleaning out old photos on my PC and saw all the ones from my ex and I. Some go preety far back to happier days, and some included some of her friends that, despite the bad blood that got between us, I rather miss. I can't help but wonder if I shouldn't have dated one of my ex's friends instead. . . too late now.


Anyway, I was slow doing this, but the pics have got to go. I couldn't sleep last night because I kept thinking about what I could have done differently with what happened with my ex's friends. We were all really close when my ex and I first dated, and I think I just ended up liking them too much, because I got jealous when they got boyfriends.


Yeah, this is all during the time I was dating my ex.


Anyway, throw the pictures you have of you ex out if you are hurting. This didn't necessarily set me back that much, but I think I am a little depressed about it today. Once I throw the rest out when I get home I'll having nothing visually reminding me of my ex. She hasn't called me to see how I am doing so I think it is a crock of s**t that she loves my like she said she did. The girl has to find out what love is, cause I don't think she has a clue.


I am just thinking about all of my mistakes, and even though I know deep down I was trying to protect myself, I don't think I was being the best person I could be.


The truth is, I knew in my heart we'd stop being friends whenever my ex and I did break up. Friends just circle the wagons, ya know? I would just be even more disappointed now if things turned out differently.




Oh well.

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