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Love is Innate?


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Are you asking if Love can develop? if you can learn to love a person?

like an arranged marriage?

I would say that yes it can. Almost all people have SOMEthing about them

that makes them attractive somehow, even if it just is picking up

their socks or how they laugh or something. So people can adapt

to each other and grow to love one another even though it may not start in a romantic way.


Is love innate? In the sense of a "built-in" emotion or do you mean in the sense of there is only 1 soulmate in the world for us, i.e. "The One" that we are innately attracted to.


I think the previous poster answered that love can be an attachment emotion that all of us (unless psychotic) are capable of, but some have never learned to express it or have been scarred such that we are scared to trust again.

So those people can definitely "learn how to love"

in some ways it is simply learning to be "loving person."

It seems that if we change ourselves to be more complete persons,

we can then find true love.



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hey guys

thanks for responding to my post, great answers, i especially liked your response avman,

I think it is both. The feelings themselves are innate. Expressing them is what you have to learn.


i thought that it was very well said, it made a lot of sense and i guess that we all need to know that we need to express our feelings otherwise we wont gain anything from life.


thanks again

~LJ =;

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