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Just some thoughts you can consider when you are upset over


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I am off work today ..gotta go to the doctor... but anyways some thoughts have come to my mind and just thought I would share them with you:


1. Chemistry between 2 people. You may or may not have it right away but if you get along great then, hey give it a chance cause if you walk away too quickly... than you could be missing out on the love of your life. I know that chemistry changes between people when current things are going on in your life.... stress, money, just life so chemistry is also something that builds up.

2. Friends after break up? It is possible. It can also rekindle because some of the strongest relationships began as friends. I know it has happened to me. Many times. Give it a chance.

3. No contact rule? Follow it. Give it at least 2 weeks to a month with no contact before trying to iniate contact again. Do it "friendly"

4. They moved on? I tell you this from experience. I broke up with a guy because we didn't click. I dated other men and all I could think about was the ex and he also did the same. Do not get too distraught over it. You have to date other people so that you can figure out what you want from a partner. Do not hang on like a leash with hopes and dreams.

5. If you love something let it go, because if they love you or care about you they will come back. That is true. It is still happening to me. Men I went out on a date with once are still calling me after a year!

Just some thought.


Any comments or additions.. pls add!


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That is all excellent advice. I especially agree with number 5. I just went through a breakup and I keep telling myself that if it's meant to be and if what we had was as special as I thought it was, then we will end up together. You just have to have patience and stay strong. Thank you for the post, it helps a lot.

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