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Hi! Please Help me with this one

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I got this major problem and need some help fast! I have this guy friend that im pretty sure likes me but is extremely and i mean extremely shy... when hes around the friends hes talkin to me.... hangs out but when hes alone or with someone rather than his friends, he becomes quiet around me...... but see the prob is when we are all hangin out he talks like crazy to me lol...jokes around! but whens hes alone he freezes up! How can i get him to be more open with me when the friends arent around.... Please Help!!! but keep in mind that i am extremely shy too



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wassup hotlips!


hahaha i gather this dude is shy then eh! well there really isnt a secret to this. When the friends arent around, and hes gone all shy, the BEST thing you can do is act exacally how you do with the friends. pull him in and do wild stuff.......sure he'll be shy at first with it, but the more experience he gets with just you, the less shy he will be.


im like that myself. im all cool, cracking jokes with my friends, but as soon as im introduced to new people, i freeze up and go all "hi..*nervous wave*......not very confident if you ask me. my friends dont understand it coz im SO out there usually. but after a while, my friends talk normally to me, so i forget all the shy stuff, and go about my business, with the new people there.


Make him forget that he's shy. Seing as your shy too, it means you will have to break past that, and act exacally how you want him to act with you. give him time and he'll come round.


Goodluck and bestwishes



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