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christmas gift for best guy friend...

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Get Something with his name engraved on it?

if he smokes-smoke tin with enitials

Or Zippo with his enitials

make your own card.Go to a scrap booking store and buy card stock and some nice paper and make him a card.



a key with enitials maby

That would make him feel special...




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Maybe you should view this link first: link removed


That might help. But depending on the person, now he seems creative by making something himself. To stereotype him I'd say he's a caring person, slightly more feminine than a lot of guys and you'd probably describe him as cute more than hot. But I could b totally wrong


Anyway, the generalisation for me on people like that is they like to be loved so you should get him something personalized too. Maybe a tape/cd recording with songs containing lyrics of what u feel of him with your own personalised messages throughout the tape/cd. Or maybe you could make him a bracelet. But if you want 2 buy him something or for more ideas, do view the link and I did make suggestions in there. However, I don't remember what.


Hope that helped

Happy Heb

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