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I get too much attention from the wrong girls!!!


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I realize this is going to sound strange, since most guys here complain they have trouble meeting girls. I have the opposite problem.


You would say I'm goodlooking and successful. I never had problems meeting girls, to the point that they mostly chase me. Either through friends or social events (no not clubs since they are a waste of time), I get numbers of girls too easy.


Here's the problem. These girls I get turn out to be headcases. One after the other to the point it worries me when a girl hits on me because I'm going to find out she's got problems. The last five girlfriends have all been pretty, smart, and have emotional baggage out the wazoo. All seem to have different issues, but seem to have issues. It's like I attract the girls with issues.


I even changed the places I met girls thinking that I need to go after more professional women. Same problem. One recently, I decided to go after because I actually like her. Same issue. It's like I pick the wrong person all the time. I'm not talking about little crap that everybody brings to the table. I'm talking about serious problems.


It's not to be arrogant, becase I consider it a serious problem that I can't seem to find a decent good looking girl with her head on straight.


Any advice?

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Sounds like you might have a trustworthy look and feel to yourself. Maybe you take things too seriously or maybe you don't like to make/keep things serious at all. Ofcourse there are also girls and guys who like to comlicate or make elephants out of flies in their problems to give their lives a soap-opera appearance. Whatever da case, take it easy and be a SILENT emotional support with your gf, that should be enough to keep her happy and you on the light foot. 8)

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ummm... yikes!


Well... heh look on the bright side, you'll find the love of your life faster.

Just dont go to bars, I agree with you 200% on that. Far be it for me to give you advice, but Ill tell you something others have told me. I'm going out with a beautiful young single mother. What it takes here, is patience and time. I think that patience & friendship are the key. Meet a girl and tell her you want to get to know her better, act like your best friends on your night out instead of wanting other things, and make sure she knows it. Dont be afraid to tell her what YOU want, confidence is #1, and thats what Im going to do. With a single woman with no children this approach may be like reverse psychology, because a single mother wants to be careful, and a single women "may" want to go faster, basically, in my view, the single women might be in shock that you dont want her in bed right away, and If she's the right one withought the "head problems", she might be the one for you. Throw in a yellow rose too. Since you say alot of girls like you, make sure the one you give the "yellow" rose too is the one for you, the one your attracted too...


Maybe with this, her knowing you want to be a friend first, ask her about any problems, the way you put it "headcase". Thats one way to find out before getting too involved and not look obvious...



ok.. im done.


Good luck Pal

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Wow its just like talking to my friend Peter from work. He's got the same problem as you. He always attracts the wrong kind of girls. He's got a hard time fighting them all of since there are so many that he himself loses track. Well to him he's only in-trusted in one particular girl that me and him work with. I always tell him what a luck son of a Bit** he is. He says that its hard to deal with it all sometimes. Well anyway hope I made you feel better your not the only one out there who's got the problem lol.

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