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a relatively simple question about hair

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I tried to find info on the net and all i got were product websites so I figured i might give this place a shot.


I have curly hair not everly curly, in fact as far as I am concered it is a good amount of curl.


But hot diggity is it ever frizzy! How does one control this frizz? I just want my hair to fall down instead of the ol frizz and poof.

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I have some curl to my hair, and I just try things until I find one I like. Try using Loreal Vive shampoo and conditioner. It makes your hair really soft. If you have to use a hair dryer, use a diffuser on it to minimize frizz. Your best bet is to look in the store and try different things that claim to solve that problem. Don't buy the cheaper products; they won't work. Stick with the more expensive name brands.

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Hey your not the only one =/, do any of you know if there are products out their to thicken hair?


I honestly cant stand my hair it's so thin that is makes it very difficult to style. Even using gel and other products give me a tough time. I want to be able to naturally style my hair by that I mean like if I wore a cap I wont have hat head where all my hair is flat or sticking up.


I also want to grow a shag but I dont think my hair would work well with a shag because it is so damn thin so if any of you know if there are any products out there that will thicken my hair please let me know! thanks

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