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attracted to a single mother, please read :)


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Hi. I am 24 years old. I'm about to go out on a date (First Date) with a woman which in my view is so beautiful and everytime I see her I get this feeling in my stomach and when she smiles at me I melt like a snowman in the middle of summer She is a single mother. Her daughter is 9 years old and she looks exactly like her mother. She's so cute and If eveything works out I plan to involve her in everything I do with her mother. My date is "about" 25-26 years old. She could surprise me though but I dont care about that at all. She speaks only in french, thank god I'm bilingual. Je parle en francais aussi. I got that english to french accent going too.


Anyways, """""***I looking for some advice, date tips, on flowers. Roses, colors too show her I like her and I mean it, I'm serious, and that I'm not playing a game and I'm no player.*****"


I could seriously fall in love with this girl If Im not carefull. See, the reason I say "carefull" is that I've been hurt in the past and I really want to avoid it. I've been single for 4 years. Well Since I moved here to Sherbrooke QC Canada. I used to live in Niagara Falls ONT but lost my job and wanted to start fresh somewhere's else. I have a GREAT job here, everything is on the up and up, and now

I meet this lovely woman. Can someone help me? Any single mother's out there?


When I asked her on this date, I left a note on her car because she was working and I didn't want to make her feel unconfortable, and I wrote " I would really like to take you and your daughter out sometime, because I would realllllly like to get to know you better, start off as friends and see where it goes. "


The day after she came too me, (we work together but not on the same team), and said she would love too but her daughter will be babysat. I knew she would say that, it didn't surprise me, but I thought it would be nice to show her Im willing to accept her daughter. As she told me she got all red, a little shy and smiled at me with her beautiful big green eyes and she made me melt again Now I need to call her, because I want to pay for her babysitter, because she needs her money to take care of herself and her daughter...what do you think?


Ok, I'll stop rambling on and on


Please oh please help me out..


Thank you.

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hey PaulB1979.

im glad you really like this woman and that you are being careful with the emotions that could be placed on the table so to speak.

im not a single mum, far from it, but id still like to provide advice.


when you put the note, that was very simplistic and meaningful, and thats what i would stick too at the moment, maybe on the second date you could pay for the babysitter but for now in my opinion i would say stick with the flowers.


only to do too much, in my eyes would be trying to push into my life a little too much despite t being positive and caring action, if you understand me?


with the flowers, i would go for a deep passionate red rose, mixed in with a combination of white lillies (if thats how you spell that particular one), or lillies on there own are very attractive.

if you are going to a florist you can actually have made an exotic bunch in which they have flowers that even you will not have seen, and trust me they are gorgeous!


its up to you about the babysitting as it is a very kind gesture, when saying:

because she needs her money to take care of herself and her daughter
i didnt know if you meant it in the sense need need or in the sense all the more to provide for her daughter.

anyone could take it as pittying or being kind. i dont know id still opt for doing that is there was to be a second date.


anyway have a great night.


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Towards your Quote, of me paying for her babysitter, its more of a kind gesture, so she can provide for her daughter. I really want to show her I care. Of course this is the first date, who knows what will happen, but I have high hopes, and will take it as slow with her. As slow as she needs it to be. I got plenty of time, and Im not going anywheres


I just really want her too know she has someone here, a friend, and even more If ever she wants it to be that way in future. She recently moved here, and knows no one, never goes out, sort of like me, and have only one great friend, and a couple co-worker friends, bit I still do not know my surroundings and neither does she. I hope your understanding what Im trying to say. Friends for now, but later What I want, need, and hopefully she'll feel the same way, is love. Togetherness.


Well I'll check back in an hour or so, gotta bring my baby kitten to the vet. Talk to you later.



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Paul, do you have a Twin brother, i have a friend I'd like to send him too, VIA UPS, your amazing, this women probably has no idea what kind of happieness she is in store for. Go for it, buddy and let her know that her daughter is just the icing on the cake, I like your maturity level here, and I hope you and her continue to get close and make something last here. If she makes your stomach do the "little dance" then she might be the one, you never know. Call her and pay for the baby sitter, there is nothing wrong with that, it will show her your serious, however dont let her think your a walking wallet, just let her know your a gentlemen, not a doormat.


I wish you the best of luck on this...

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