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I spoiled it all by saying something stupid like I Love U..

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I still believe in relationship that happens as it happens; that is why I have no intention to meet anyone online, I have never ever been into any relationship as most of them time i was caught with the wrong guy( they are either straight, unsure or not ready for commitment). Recently, I met this guy in the dorm; It was not something called " love at first sight" as I did not have any inclination towards him initially. The warmth, passionate feeling grew stronger each day, he has been so sweet and nice to me. I knew I was in love with him; I mean I was emotionally attached to him; I never habored any sexual thouhts on him except for staring at his sexy thin lips and sky blues eyes and wondered if he was made in heaven, he is so angelic..

We hang out everyday and we watched movies and got drunk together; I swear it wasnt the typical physical attraction I had on him, I was spiritually involved with him. One day ( TWO DAYS AGO ) I decided to let him know my feelings towards him, both of us were drunk and I confessed to him that I kinda like him; there was an intenses silence between me and him and I knew he was going to utter something but was discouraged by the interruption of a bunch of guys who intentionally displayed their aversion of seeing two guys together ( what a jerk )

I have not seen him after that, and it really bothers me a vast deal; all I want is an answer, and answer that will end the psychological agony, But things just dont work easy for me.. Pls tell me what to do? should I ever talk to him again? I have not been seeing him and do not plan to..as I am afraid he would find me disgusting...Pls tell me..

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well, you got your feelings out, which in a way is a good thing but could also be a bad thing. its a good thing because its important to tell others what you are feeling because you never know when it will be too late & you might end up regretting it if you don't. but it could also be a bad thing if the other person doesn't talk to you about it, like your situation. have you tried talking to him? if not then you should. if you have tried & he won't talk to you, then write him a note saying that you would really like to know why he's not talking to you & what he is feeling. he might just be confused, or he might not feel the same way & doesn't want to hurt you. but its important for you to know whats going on, so you should try to find out.

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With all things, if we don't take risks we can never receive the reward. Love works the same way. You must risk your feelings getting hurt in order to have those feelings returned in a positive way. If you don't ever say how you feel, then how will you know?


You mentioned that both of you were pretty drunk that night. Is it possible he has forgotten what you have said? Or maybe even that he felt you only said those things because you were drunk and you didn't really mean them? There could be many reasons why he hasn't answered you yet. Maybe he thinks YOU are avoiding HIM since the two of you haven't seen each other.


I think you should go talk to him. Just keep it casual for awhile and see if he brings it up. If he doesn't, you might start out with "Hey, I was kinda wanting to talk to you about what I said to you the other night. I know we were drunk and all, but I actually did mean what I said and I do really like you. I was wondering if you had some time to think about that." See where it goes. There are no guarantees, but you need to know the answer.


And listen, if he has been as nice to you as you say - there is no reason he would find you disgusting for sharing your feelings with him. Do not beat yourself up over this. You did the right thing.


Good luck to you!

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