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need help on how to kiss

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wait...so let me get this straight, you told her you have kissed a girl before when really you haven't?? so bascially you lied to her & im guessing its because you didn't want to look like a "loser" to her right?? i suggest you tell her the truth because as small as this lie might seem, you need to be honest with her. there is nothing wrong with being a teen who has never been kissed. i mean, there's even people in their 20's & possibly 30's who haven't been kissed yet. every one has been in your position before where we haven't been kissed & honestly, there's nothing to be ashamed about. just tell her the truth & if she thinks you are a "loser" for it, then she's not worth it. if she doesn't like you just because of that then she doesn't like you in the first place.

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hey! thats a bit harsh isn't it?! I know honesty is important in relationships but this guy is obviously just a bit nervous about his first kiss and this girl. No doubt he's heard his friends talking about kissing and stuff and he didn't want to seem like he was the odd one out.


as for how to kiss - just relax, it will come naturally. there's plenty of topics already about how to kiss so have a look around.


yes, honesty is important - how about once you've kissed her and you think it all went well - tell her then.

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Honestly, I don't mean to be rude, but that was sort of dumb... has the girl ever kissed before? if SHE is good at it, then she might be able to tell you're inexperienced, but if she hasn't, you having kissed before might make her nervous. Just tell her the truth and say your sorry or whatever.


For advice on kissing, search the other forums on this site, there are millions about kissing, french kissing, etc.

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im not understanding how what i said earlier is harsh...im just speaking the truth & i don't mean to be harsh.just because he heard others talking about kissing doesn't mean that its ok to go around lying about it. yeah, i understand that he doesn't want to seem like the odd one out, i really do. im trying to make him realize that there is nothing wrong with never having kissed some one before. if a person doesn't like someone just because they haven't ever kissed someone, then that person isn't worth it. honesty is a big part of a relationship which is why i believe he should straighten things out. its better & less stressful to be honest, then to lie about things & continue to make up stories, like now he needs to pretend like he knows what he's doing when it comes to kissing.

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no enadevoli i dont think you sounded that harsh, but i also dont think you took into consideration that the guy was quite nervous and probably trying to show his confidence to the girl, which is just natural (although lieing about it was wrong). lets not make a big deal out of it, He was wrong to lie, but thats not the point hes here for.


Be sensitive when kissing. Just Just lock lips in whatever way they lock and start 'smooching' together! The passion your feeling can be let out by how long and hard you 'smooch' her lips!


I have to comment that i have been through the kissing advices here before- the ones written by professors or whoever they are- and i found them completely unhelpful, especially the french kissing ones which i think that i am doing wrong (with a girl). They dont seem to tell you a thing except to 'go with the flow'. Comon man tell me when and where you need to move your tongue, rythem etc. Who puts it in and where? loool. what about her?


'Go with the flow' as they say. its just natural. Cant help you on the french kissing because i dont think im doing it right either, it just seems more like a struggle and battle between the tongues for me.

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