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Will he ask me out again?

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Ok, my ex bf and I have recently started talking a lot more and flirting a little bit here and there. I told him in a note that I still had feelings for him and thats what got him to start talking to me more. I don't know how exactly to tell if he is flirting with me and sending me hints that he likes me. He has complimented me a few times on my appearance and has said hey to me in the hallway at school a lot. What are the main signs he likes me?

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It's really hard to tell though. I, personally, wouldn't get my hopes up too high. Perhaps he's just being friendly with no further intentions other then friendship. May I ask, why did you two break up in the first place?


I compliment lots of girls but I don't always "feel" any romantic feelings to-wards them. I'm just an all round nice guy. Perhaps this is how your ex is. Sorry I didn't mean to burst your bubble, it's just my two cents.


I often say to myself, if you don't expect too much you won't get disappointed as much.

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