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A friendship destroyed?

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I recently told a really good friend.. who I very much trusted and liked.. that I liked her... and our friendship went kinda drab after that... I dont know what to do.. we still talk and all.. but i wished it would be back the way it was before i told her i liked her.. what should i do???

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Aghh. That's always the risk when you tell a friend that you feel more then just "friendship" and they don't feel the same... Makes things awkard at first. I say just give it time, she's probably still surprised and maybe a little shocked.


Give it time though, just keep talking to her like you used to and pretend you never told her how you felt. Eventually, it'll get easier.

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hi Panda360

i have to admit that when anyone tells anybody that they like them that they feel a bit weird. your friend probably thinks that you want to be more than friends and if she acts the same then thats whats going to happen.

my advice is to tell her that you want your friendship to be the same as it was before and tell her that you don't want to be any more even if you do


hope i helped



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Let time take care of it for you.


No matter what know that it's what we don't do that we truly regret. Better to take the chance and be rebuffed ("friendship went kinda drab") then not do anything and always wonder. In time the uncomfortable feelings with lessen and before you know it all the reasons you got along so well we overcome that discomfort.

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this happened 2 me just try and make conversation and act like normal wheni told him he said nothing coz he obv didnt like me. Best to act normal by doing this it will make her feel more comfortable. She may also be confused about her feelings for you it takes time believe me things will get better in the friendship. gud look

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