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For the last few months I've been dating a guy who I've been good friends with for a long while. We've been taking things slowly - think we're both scared of ruining things. Due to work we've been too busy to go out together for a couple of weeks but we see each other in college.


He's going home for the holidays on tuesday - I won't see him until mid-january Last time I saw him was in college on friday. Since we've been dating we have had a few probs - mainly because we're both shy and find it hard to show how we're feeling and get a bit insecure about how the other person is feeling (i know, i know, we should talk about this!) - even though we both know we've liked each other so much for a long time now.


he's leaving pretty early tuesday morning - I know he'll be having to wait at the coach station for a bit. I want to go and say goodbye properly but am not sure if I should - do people think he'd want me turning up to surprise him? part of me thinks its going a bit over the top but then I think that he's probably feeling a bit insecure about us and will do over the holidays and if I go there to say bye, he'll know that i will miss him.


basically I do have a bit of a problem telling people how I feel - for various reasons i find it hard to show someone I do actually care for them. would making the effort of going to the coach station to see him off be a decent way to start to show him that I do actually really want 'us' to work out?

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Why not ask him if he wants to catch an early breakfast before he has to leave, your treat? Or at least a cup of coffee? Then you can ask him if he'd like company while he waits at the station - I'd think most guys would appreciate not having to sit there counting the bricks in the wall and having the girl they're dating to see them off! You don't have to make it dramatic to get the sincerity accross, fairly casual works as well, "hey, I know you gotta go kinda early, want to grab a cup of coffee so we can talk a little before you head off?" At least he'll know you aren't indifferent to him going!

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In my opinion, you should definitely surprise him before he leaves! The realtionship I ahve with my girfriend mirrors your relationship closely; we were friends for quite some time before dating, are taking things slowly, and we sometimes have trouble expressing our feelings for one another. At times I get nervous telling her how much she means to me or overanalyse what I should say to her. I'm a guy, and when she does sweet things for me I get this high feeling that makes me so happy inside. I don't show it, so she probably doesn't know, but it makes my day when she makes me feel important. DON'T HOLD BACK! Don't be afraid to let him know you care, or else inside he might feel neglected. Hope that helps.

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