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GOOD NEWS!! (Regarding my previous post.)


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For those who haven't seen my previous post you may want to read it here first.


After that I have some awesome news! Regarding the sophomore girl whom I felt I was very connected with and had high hopes. Tonight we were both on AIM and she played some hardball for quiet a while trying to get me to tell who I liked and I finally did crack and told her. Cut a long story short she said so did she, but she was just getting over someone and she'd still like to try something sometime. If you wanna read in on the conversation here it is:


----- (7:40:07 PM): do you like anybody at our school??

ApathyKid666 (7:40:58 PM): yessm

----- (7:41:54 PM): and they/she would be?!

----- (7:41:57 PM): DO TELL!!!

----- (7:42:00 PM):

ApathyKid666 (7:42:12 PM): not right now

----- (7:42:34 PM): yes now

----- (7:42:40 PM): RIGHT now


----- (7:42:41 PM): lol

ApathyKid666 (7:42:46 PM): noper

ApathyKid666 (7:42:54 PM): ill tell ya later lol

----- (7:42:59 PM): yeaper

----- (7:43:07 PM): noper, you'll tell me nower

----- (7:43:10 PM): hahaha

ApathyKid666 (7:43:11 PM): lol

----- (7:44:09 PM): so...

----- (7:44:14 PM): who dear??

ApathyKid666 (7:44:19 PM): later!

----- (7:44:49 PM): NOW!

----- (7:44:54 PM):

ApathyKid666 (7:44:56 PM):

----- (7:44:56 PM): please...

----- (7:45:00 PM): hehehe

ApathyKid666 (7:45:01 PM): remind me tomorrow?

----- (7:45:05 PM): nope

----- (7:45:10 PM): remind you now

ApathyKid666 (7:45:20 PM): k but i still wont tell you now

----- (7:46:15 PM): can you tell me clues?

ApathyKid666 (7:46:30 PM): why do you want to know? lol

----- (7:46:33 PM): like how many girls...first initials... like that

ApathyKid666 (7:47:06 PM): just one girl

ApathyKid666 (7:47:11 PM): thats all im saying

----- (7:48:05 PM): FINE!

----- (7:48:08 PM): good bye dear

----- (7:48:18 PM):

ApathyKid666 (7:48:20 PM): well thats harsh

----- (7:48:25 PM): lol

ApathyKid666 (7:49:20 PM): but seriously tell me tomorrow and ill tell ya

----- (7:49:53 PM): nope nope

----- (7:50:21 PM): because then you will just be like "tell me tomorrow and i'll tell ya"

ApathyKid666 (7:50:29 PM): nono

----- (7:50:31 PM): and it will continue forever

ApathyKid666 (7:50:33 PM): i promise i will tomorrow

ApathyKid666 (7:50:40 PM): + you can beat me up if i dont

----- (7:50:50 PM): tomorrow is unacceptable

----- (7:50:55 PM): lol

ApathyKid666 (7:51:10 PM):

----- (7:51:21 PM): what if i died tonight though...then i will die not knowing...how bad would you feel?

ApathyKid666 (7:51:50 PM): very but still...

ApathyKid666 (7:51:55 PM): why do you want to know?

----- (7:52:12 PM): curiosity killed thatb cat!

----- (7:52:16 PM): lol

ApathyKid666 (7:52:21 PM):

----- (7:53:19 PM): so do tell!

ApathyKid666 (7:53:41 PM):

----- (7:53:58 PM): PETER _____ RICKERS

ApathyKid666 (7:54:04 PM): tell me why ya wanna know and why cant i just tell you tomorrow?

----- (7:54:09 PM): tell me, or i will ground you

----- (7:54:34 PM): because because because because because

ApathyKid666 (7:54:40 PM): lol

ApathyKid666 (7:56:23 PM): werent you getting a christmas tree?

----- (7:57:35 PM): now now

----- (7:57:42 PM): don't change the subject

ApathyKid666 (7:57:49 PM): i tried..

----- (8:00:08 PM): so who?

----- (8:00:16 PM): i'll tell you if you tell me!

----- (8:00:19 PM): hahahhahahahaha

ApathyKid666 (8:00:28 PM): how bout you first? lol

----- (8:01:20 PM): how bout you first?!

ApathyKid666 (8:01:27 PM): cause im special?

ApathyKid666 (8:01:28 PM): maybe?

----- (8:01:57 PM): i'm specialer

----- (8:02:07 PM): no, i'm not, but damnit...please tell

ApathyKid666 (8:02:13 PM): lol

ApathyKid666 (8:02:25 PM): why cant i just tell you tomorrow?

----- (8:03:06 PM): because how does that make it diffrent

ApathyKid666 (8:03:58 PM): it could?

----- (8:04:30 PM): no, so why can't you just tell me now

ApathyKid666 (8:04:48 PM): erm

ApathyKid666 (8:04:55 PM): you sure you really wanna know?

----- (8:05:04 PM): yeah!

----- (8:05:07 PM): lol

ApathyKid666 (8:05:09 PM): lol

ApathyKid666 (8:05:10 PM): k

ApathyKid666 (8:06:36 PM): i dont think you'll really want to hear it though but if you really must insist... its you, and im dont wanna make you feel bad (and your like "hah why would i feel bad" right? lol) but i was gonna wait til tomorrow so i could tell you in person just seems more special that way does that sound fruity or what...

----- (8:07:27 PM): aww, not at all

----- (8:07:44 PM): that's sweet...i'm sorry...i'm glad you just told me though

----- (8:07:53 PM): the suspense would've killed me

----- (8:07:56 PM): lol

ApathyKid666 (8:07:58 PM):

ApathyKid666 (8:08:01 PM): how bout you?

----- (8:10:00 PM): well...i kind of like you too...you're really sweet, and i'm still kind of hung up on DI and then there is 1 other guy you wouldn't know

----- (8:10:33 PM): but you are definetly the nicest guy out of all of them, and i like a lot of stuff about you

ApathyKid666 (8:10:38 PM):

ApathyKid666 (8:12:05 PM): this probably doesnt pay off to say either but i mean i know you dont like to get into serious relationships really fast, but would you ever want to just try something and see what kicks off from there? and trust me i had no inention of saying that over the internet or whatever

----- (8:12:59 PM): lol

----- (8:13:13 PM): don't worry about sweetie...it's all good

----- (8:13:59 PM): but yeah, i don't see why not...i just don't know if right now is a good time, just because i need to "heal my wounds" or however you'd say it

ApathyKid666 (8:14:14 PM): i know how that goes

----- (8:14:26 PM): yeah, for sure


So that's all of it, that I felt like posting anyways... But, I just thought I'd post a happy ending for once sorry if I bored you but I know some members appreciate seeing a happy post once in a while. Thanks for the advice everyone who helped!

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