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I want to lose weight can I get some advice...


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I am 5' 155lbs.

I body builded for 2 years then I became pretty skinny then I met my recent fiance, 3 1/2 years ago then I put on the wieght. when I met him I was 135 lbs very toned and muscular, and now I have put on the pounds.

So please help me out.

And I don't want to bodybuild again for a while.

Advice is much appreciated

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You want to lose weight?


Losing weight involves a combo of three factors. the first is diet. the second is weight training and the third is cardio. By far the most important is diet. You dont need to be on a very strict diet to lose weight, however here are some helpful tips on losing excess flab. First drink plenty of water. I would say @ least a half gallon a day, but shoot for a gallon. Water is great because it prevents youre body from holding onto excess water which gives you the bloated look and feeling. Drinking more water alone can be a powerful tool. Next-check youre protein/fat/carb ration when eating. Make sure you have quality protein such as lean chicken, tuna, or eggwhites with each meal. Keep youre carbohydrates checked. Have youre largest serving of carbs in the morning. In fact I would suggest having youre starchy carbs and breads and cereals in the moring. After about 2pm I would switch to leafy greens. Keep youre fat intake very low. You can consume EFA's (essential fatty acids) from olive oil and fish, but stay away from junk food. In fact only allow youreself one cheat day a week. Remember everything in moderation. To rev up youre metabolism even more watch youre eating patterson. Eat smaller meals every two to three hours.



From what I have read, and noticed from my own results I would suggest doing cardio first thing in the morning before breakfast. AT this time youre sugar levels are down and youre body will be burning majority fat stores instead of majority sugar. Perfrom cardio 3-5 days a week for at least 20-30 minutes on an empty stomach early in the morning


Weight training--


Hit the weights. More muscle tone means healthier metabolism. You dont have to go superheavy, but do something. Make sure you hit each bodypart thorougly. Hit the weights at least three times a week.


Feel free to do any other activity you enjoy. It could be anything such as jogging, rowing, boxing, anything, just eat properly and get that body moving.


Hope this helps!!!!!!!

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You know what you have to do... I believe we all know, but here is a summary.


The basic idea goes around two things: to not ingest energy and to waste body fat.


1. For a fast, but healty, but hard diet here's the how-to:

- Do not eat extra sugar or fat at all! No bread, no potatoes, no spagheti, no sugar. No oils, no fries, no butter, no lard.

- Eat fruits or drink no-sugar-added-juices, some fibers and some meat. Drink water.

- DO NOT EAT MUCH! Do not starve either, you can get stomach ulcers. No more than 3 meals a day. You're hungry, drink water. Yeah, it's the hard one.

- And the hard part, to waste body fat: jump or run or play a hard sport like basket. To *start* losing fat you have to keep moving for at least 10 minutes. To *really* lose weight you have to do that for at least 1 hour, almost every day of the week.

> At the end of 2 weeks you might have reasons to smile. Remember, if at the end of the third day you're not tired, then you're doing it wrong. YOU HAVE TO RESIST! WORK! WORK!


2. For a not hard, not healthy, slow and boring diet:

- No fat, no sugar: some meat, fibers and fruit. The overall weight of the dish sould not be more than 1 pound. Eat this, one time a day, preferably 2 to 4 hours before sleep. Drink LOADS of water. Hungry? Try to tolerate the pain or drink water.

- You don't need to exercise, but you can't sit all day. You have to move around.

> This is the same as being in a hostpital drinking through a vein. REALLY HAZARDOUS. Expect faintings, blurry vision and difficulty to focus on work. You can also get some stomach ulcers.


I've gone through diet 1 for 2 months, results:

. I lost 30 ponds;

. I could run faster, longer, jump higher and

. I had more stamina the whole day.


I'm currently (1 month) going through a less dangerous version of diet 2 to maintain weight, results:

. I lost around 6 pounds;

. I can't hold a run for more than 5 minutes... and

. I get lazy sometimes.


Now, it depends on how fast and how much weight you want to lose. If you have body builded before than you know what reinvented21 means when he talks about cardio.



- Exercise is only effective after you waste all the sugar on the blood.

- What you want is to REMOVE fat from your body... RESIST!


Don't head for the bulimic / anoretic way... please...

Good work! 8)

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Exercise! That's the first thing you should concentrate on! Get off the couch and get moving. Go get a cheap video from Target or Wal-mart, pop in the tape and get going. (I recommend Leslie Sansones tapes/DVD, usually something about Walking Away the Pounds).


Don't worry about your diet yet! That will come into play later. Exercise for a couple of weeks (how many ever times you can do it without wearing yourself out). Remember, the only thing you have to do to lose weight is to burn more calories than you intake. The ultimate goal is to burn excess calories already in your body.


Now, after you get used to exercising (get different tapes, do differnt things... dance, jog with your dog, park farther away from the department store), then, go ahead and take a peek at the calories of the food that you are eating! When you see a frozen dinner is about 400 calores as opposed to tuna which is about 120 calories per can, you'll start to realize that the less calories you consume, the easier it will be for your body to burn the excess fat in your body!


FYI-at least this is what is working for me. 45 lbs in 5 months!!!


Oh, and lots of water (as well as rehydrating the body, water will also fill you up) and lots of patience. You didn't gain weight over night and you won't lose it over night!!! But you will lose it, I promise.

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im gonna keep it short and sweet since you seem to have been given a lot of information by the other members.


from my knowledge it is better not to go on a diet because it only makes you think of the things that you are missing out on and thereforeeee you end up eating them because you feel that you are in need of them.


my adive would be to eat healthy food like an apple in place of unhealty food and exercise, it doesnt have to be bodybuilding.


hope this helps

~LJ =;

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Excercise is and always has been the most effective. They wont come off unless you work onit. Running daily, swimming weekly, thats my routine. Combine that with the Atkins diet (which i think is god sent) and some target excercise and you'll be dropping them off and toning your body in no time!


good luck

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