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Why I hate christmas...

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I hate christmas... The reason is my (already a dozen times mentioned) lonelyness... I mean, I have my parents, brother & sister, sometimes other relatives and friends come here (at christmas), but that won't make me happy... I just need somebody to talk to about anything... I think I'll spend christmas this year by having the curtains of my room closed and sitting in a corner, staring at a point or just keep my eyes closed and blame the whole world for that, then I'll proably get to the center of my tiny town (which will proably be full of happy couples) and have a beer or more... Yea, and what will I have reached - NOTHING... I'll be more hate-filled against myself & the others...


I just can't find a girl who'd really understand me...

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I think that you have to realize that until you understand and like yourself, no girl will. Your attitude alone is a huge turn off, I mean, yeah can I join you in the dark corner of your room on Christmas? As if.


Appreciate the fact that you have family, and they would probably LOVE for you to talk to them about anything. Christmas is about celebrating what we do have. Its a wonderful thing to have someone who loves you and wants to share life with you. So make a life that someone would want to share with you. Start becoming that man you see with the love of your life. Start doing those things that you want to do with her.


Realize that it is your responsibility to make you happy, not your families, not your dreamgirls, and it will not be the responsibility of your girlfriend or wife. If you cannot be happy by yourself, you will not be able to be truly happy in a relationship.


I know this isn't very nice. But you've got a bad attitude, and that never helped anybody.

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Hey there,


Well it sound like you have yourself the ol "x'mas blues " and I'm so sorry for that. However if you really want to know what can make you feel better this x'mas, instead of feeling blue, and going into deep depression solitude, do this.


One Christmas, when I was single, I was so lonely, and it never fails it always seems like the most perfect people have been put together and everywhere I went they were so in love. I was lonely and it was awful, but then I thought about all the other homeless people who are lonely, have no family, no money, and worst no food, no sweaters and I decided instead of wallowing in my grief that I would get off my ass and help them in any way I could. So me and a friend of mines who was also groucy and alone, decided to do a food and gift/clothing/donation drive. It worked, and Crazy King let me tell you, the looks on those peoples faces, the JOY we helped bring into their lives, was much more fulfilling then any date I could have had. Try that and see how much Joy that will bring you.


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I agree with Molly Elise. You need to work on yourself. If you can't stand being with yourself and being happy then no one else will be able to be happy with you either. Sweetypie Enlightenedone also had a good suggestion. You may think you have it bad, but there is always someone out there who has it worse. I am not in the Christmas spirit either, but locking yourself in your room or drinking is not going to make it any better.

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guess what im here to talk to. i'll talk to you anytime. i have the same ( like really the exact same) problem as you have. my boyfriend of 11 months dumped me and now for the last almost month i have been like totally miserible. nothing makes me happy. NOTHING i feel like i don't even really have a soul anymore. I WANT TO TALK TO YOU, PLEASE... we could help eachother. you can't say no one is there to talk to about anything now, because im here to talk to and i will be here as long as you need to talk-k- love QTpie87

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Do yourself a favor and don't be such a hard a$$ on yourself. You need time to figure out why you are so miserable when you are alone. I can totally understand about not being in the spirit this year but, I just grin an bear it. This christmas is the first christmas alone in over 10 years so I can understand.

You have to get on with your life and stop being so dependant on someone else to make you happy. Get out there and do something you like to do. Keep busy and make yourself available to meet people. When you least expect it you will meet that woman that understands you. Don't go looking for a girlfriend because you will never meet her. Women can sense when a man is desparate and it is not attrative at all. If you are not looking then you might create some interest for you in her eyes.



Be happy that you have a family and friends because it could be much worse.

Be with your family and realize that I also will sipping a beer with you on the 25th alone.


Don't let it bother you so much it is just another day of the week.


Be with the ones that love and make a new year resolution to find out why you are so damn angry. Heal you first before you look for another girlfriend.


Good luck. Try to have a nice holiday.



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