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xmas...can ya help me

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lol ok I'm a guy and true every1's diff but that's exactly what my gf got me for my b-day a music gift certificate and I understand that she didn't know what to get me and decided that it was probably better for me 2 get myself something with her money really.


Now, for me that just didn't work coz a gift's a gift, you're suppose 2 GIVE me something not for me 2 get something with what you've given me, i dunno, its hard to explain but your his gf, he'll like whateva you get him even if its a certificate, i just reckon he'd like it more if it was something YOU got him, like it'd b more personal and worth more 2 him. Plus, how many people actually buy cds these days, I think the chances are that more people will have burnt cds with dowloaded songs.


Sorry esprit if you feel i've offended you in anyway, its only my thoughts on gift certificates, especially music. I'm sure its a great idea anyway and some guy would probably love to get one from his gf.


If your bf is young say teen or pre teen age then I'd recommend an accesorry if not a item of clothing. Clothing is usually hard especially if you haven't known him for long enough to know what size top purchase. Belts, chains, bracelets, ring? necklace or if he's into any sports something from that sport.


Just remember, as long as its from you, he's not gonna hate ur gift.

Happy Heb

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thats some real good responces from people.


if it was me i would go for the idea of music, if you know what hes into or is there a particular hobby he enjoys? what do you two like doing together? because you could then pay for the both of you on one particular day instead of each paying for yourselves.


how about clothing any accessories? like is he into skating, and goes for like quick silver where you can get him hats or belts? what style is he into that will really help you out.


dont worry about it too much, just think what hes going through if youve decided hes getting you something.

good luck in finding something.


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