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please help me

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i have a friend she is in the army reserves , and she told me there is a good chance she will be sent over to iraq for 2 years. i have always liked her as more then a friend. and i think she likes me as more then a friend.now that she is leaveing in a couple of days i dont know if i should tell her how i really feel or not.i mean i love this girl very much i would do anything for her.i am a grown man and i cant stop from crying, i dont want her to go i dont want to lose her.she means to much to me.someone please help me

only the strong survive
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Hi Street Dreamer,


I'm sorry to hear that your friend is going away. Its very upsetting when a friend moves away and it can make you hurt like you never though possible! I think you should tell her how you feel about her! 2 years is a long time and iraq is not such a nice place right now! Maybe it will giver her something to look forward to! Something to pass her 2 year duty assignment in iraq!


Good luck to you and your friend!!



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Well, I say tell her. You never know when her calling will be and you never know what tomorrow may bring and you will kick yourself for not doing it. I have worn my heart on my sleeve many a time and I don't regret it even if it has been broken. The guy I was seeing just came back from Iraq in July and he will never be the same and the fact that I was there for him was all the comfort he had to look forward to.

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Jaime's absolutely right: that could be the spark that she needs to survive in a less-than-pleasant atmosphere, and you won't regret NOT telling her. I never have, because I have a somewhat fatalistic attitude of "I may get hit by a bus tomorrow and want the ones I love to know I love them" attitude, so I've always stated my feelings that way, even when totally unsure of how they'd be received. Worst I've gotten was, "I care for you too, but not in "that" way." Nothing wrong with that!



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Exactly Mar,

I don't know how many times I have felt like a fool for saying it but hey, what can ya do? To this day, there are many people I wished I had told them how I felt and I still wish I could run into them jsut once and pour my heart out.. hey, I am about to call Montel Williams.. hee hee and make it an "I wished I would have told you" show!

Just do it! What is the worst that can happen?? She is your friend, she sure won't hate you she may feel different if she doesn't reciprocate the feeling. You never know!!!

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I know what you are going through my g/f is in the army reserves too and she has been actaved and like you she will be gone for 2 years. I think that you should tell her and ask her to write to you. I would like to talk to you in more deapth. It feels better that someone ealse is going through the same thing as me.

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Oh my, most unfortunate indeed. I must say I just can't imagine how bad you must feel. I am only a teenage boy, but I can still help. Well, I know my mom has a good friend at work who actually was in the guard also and was taken to Iraq. They were all just so shocked when it happened! We all keep her in our prayers, that really helps, just pray to God about it, let all your feelings out. He will comfort you and keep her safe. Its been since March that shes been over there and she writes letters to the people at my mom's company often. We write back. Send her cards, gifts, and any various things she might need or want.....anything from hand lotion to oreos! lol So remember that you won't lose complete contact with her. Now how to cope with the fact that she will be gone 2 years, oh my, I must say that would probably just put me in total depression the whole time if I were you. I really don't know how to help you there, but there are plently of people here that can! Just be sure to go ahead and get your feelings out to her now, tell her that you love her. It will for sure make her feel great I think, she will probably think of you often while shes over there and will give her something to look forward to when she comes home. It will be good for you too just to know that she knows how you feel.

Also, one other thing, do NOT feel that you shouldn't cry.....that is just dumb the way people think its wimpy for grown men to cry. Its not, its a very effective way to letting your tension flow out and it just overall makes you feel better! Well, best of wishes to you, please PM me if you need any more advice! TTYL

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