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Still having problems with my ex!

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Hey this is gonna sound really weird but anyway me and this girl went out for 2 years almost and then we ended breaking up and we broke up in really strange way it really wasent by either of us choosing to but in the end we had to we had gotten really close closer then anyone i have ever known in my life she started to go out with this one guy and they were toghether till just recently almost a year and a half they broke up she called me and talked to me about him cheating on her and we talked about it and talked about how we stil trusted each other and stuff so much and we are really good friends. We have been talking on the phone once in a while and on msn all the time since weve broke up we hung out again together with her new friends we had a good time i guess and then she talked the next day and she said she would not give me a second chance and that shes changed and im not her type of guy anymore and she just wants to be friends ok as hard as it was i figured wed work on being friends again for a while and see what happens you never know. Well we hung out again and she started to like this one guy who she hangs out with a lot now and she told me she was gonna call me 2 differnt times and she never called when she said she would. We talked on msn and i forgave her about the calls and then we hung out again and she and the guy said they were going to get cigs at a convient store. They were gone for over 3 hours and still didnt come back so me and my friend left. I tried to go outside when she did that night to to talk to her and she said it was cold and went right back inside as soon as i came out. Weve always been close and i do really want her back but i dont know why shes acting like she is even as friends. I would like some advice on what to do or say to her or why she might be acting this way and if im crazy for still having this many feelings for her yet even thought weve been broke up for almsost 2 years now. Thanks

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