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How do u get more out of a friendship with a girl???

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How do u get more out of a friendship with a girl?


My girl at college (my best friend) already has a bf, which im kinda makes me jelous when she brings his name into converstations. I hav known her for about 4 months now and were very close as friends, i want 2 be with her so much it's driving me nuts when im not with her (i.e. weekends and holidays) because she see's her bf then. We know when there's somthin botherin with either one of us such as a problem u could almost say we hav like a psychic link between us. She's doin the same course as me so we see each other everyday at college and we hangout during lunch always. Im 19 and she's 16, i hav met her mum (her father died) and she seems 2 be ok with me hangin out with her. There hav been times when i've wanted to confess 2 her my feelings 4 her, but i dont want to ruin our friendship.


So im trying 2 find ways of gettin more out of our friendship with her, because she's been actin rather odd this week since she had a cold. I hav never felt feelings 4 anyone as much as i do 4 her, she's kind, caring symapthetic and a good laugh she every quality im lookin 4 in my gf, but i cant hav her .


She's my ...


If anyone has any tips or suggestions for improving a good friendship and gettin more out of it i would most appricate it.




- whitefang

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Well be a friend and realize that she has a boyfriend and she must spend time with both her friends and her romantic interests. Both types of relationships develop and deepen with time and attention.


I feel it would be disrespectful to demand more time of her- afterall, she is involved with a guy and she needs to spend time with him to deepen that relationship with him. It's not under your control how much time she decides to spend with you and her bf. It's also natural for her to want to talk about her bf with her friends. As long as it's not constant, obessessed talk about him, I think it's natural to want to talk about one's significant other to one's friends.


I believe the reason you feel jealous is because you ultimately fear losing her as a friend. You must realize that as long as you treat her with respect, care, and loyalty there will be no reason for you to lose her as a friend.


If you want to be more than friends with her... have you ever discussed this with her?? Communication is VERY important in the healthy development of any type of relationship-- whether it be just friendship or romance.


What do you mean by "get more out of a friendship" exactly? You want to feel closer to her? You want to be her bf?

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Hi sayer7 thnxs 4 replying.


What i mean by "get more out of a friendship" is i would love to be her bf, but she has a bf already so i cant do anythin. I supose im a little worried because the past couple of dayz she hasnt been quite her self, i hav asked her if shes allright but she says that shes ok. I just hav a feelin that shes not tellin me somethin, im just concerned 4 her. With her being in this mood its put some sort of distance in our friendship and i just wanted 2 know any tips to cheer up a girl (who has a bf) whilst at college.


Any tips or advice would be great.




- whitefang

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If you want to make her yours, and not his:


Well, you could ask her if something is wrong. However, if she is having questions about her bf and/or you, she might not want to talk. Women fall for their friends a lot more than you might think it happens. If you ask and she wants to talk, then do it. If you ask and she doesn't, tell her that you will be there is case she evers wants to talk about anything. Warning, be honest don't advise her in a way to sabotage her relationship, it will backfire.


If she ever asks what to do about him, refuse to advise her. If she wants to know whether she should break up, wouldn't you say yes. Instead, tell you shouldn't be the one to advise her on that.


Also, be the guy who she would want to date. Make the grass look greener on the other side of the fence. Flirt with her, call her up and say "Hey Gorgeous." Be very courteous, open doors, watch out for her, help with anything she needs, comliment her clothes, hair, etc., NEVER


Finally, get someone else to date. Make it seem like someone else finds you attractive and wants you.

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