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who here has lost the love of ther live?


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Well I am trying to see out of all of us here have lost the love of are life, and have you been found someone new? If so have you frogot you love?

And did you become friends?

Well I am starting us out.


I have lost my first love, she did nit love me so I let her go. I have found someone new and she loves me too. But I will never forget her though she will allways be in my mind. Yes we did becoume friends.



Well I got it going lets here your storys. everyone is welcom to resopnd lets show everyone that we all have been throuth it and there is life after.

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I don't know if would call my ex of 4 years the "love of my life". Although at the time I felt as though she was the "love of my life", I am now aware that she wasn't. After all if she was, wouldn't we still be together?


As for staying friends, I don't think so! Maybe in the years to come, but in the meantime I'm not willing to forget the hurt she has caused nor the devastation she has left in her wake. She cheated on me and has broken my heart on one too many occasions. For this, she will remain on the outer fringes of my emotions.


I remember when I broke up with my ex fiance and I was convinced that I had just lost the "love of my life". I realised this wasn't the case when I got over her and moved on. We are friends to some extent only because we have a son together. He is the thread that will forever bind our lives and if he wasn't around, I doubt very much that I would have remained in contact with her.


I really see no point in remaining friends with those that have caused us so much emotional turmoil and have walked away into the arms of another so willingly. Why torture yourself by having a constant reminder of the pain you've had to deal with? You surely must be a glutton for punishment if you choose to do so!


The "love of my life" will be the one who will still be there 40 years down the track, holding me as I take my last breath and shuffle off my mortal coil. If she can stick around for that long then she rightly deserves to be called the "love of my life".


I will wait with baited breath for this mythical creature to cross my path and believe me......................one day she will!

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hey cid.


one thing i found with relationships is that the love that is given is completely different in each. but the one relationship where i found the love pure, and from the heart and was able to make up the belief of true love by other additional moments, thoughts, and being together yes i did loose.


i would say that i could never loose or forget that person, the impact is too great especially now that were the best of friends, we share too much, understand too much and love each other too much to not be in each others life at least as friends. yes htings did go wrong and differences were stated but the love was there to at least be in one anothers lives. the seperation of us and the reason for it is great but love keeps people together or atleast it did me.


as for being with another. yes i am and in the beginning i went straight into a relationship after it ended with my 'love' a rebound you could say, and that hurt i constantly found myself in my 'loves arms' wee chose to be friends, because our emotions were being toyed with and that in itself hurt more than not having each other.

the person i am with now, is very special to me and have yet to believe that i love him, but i am dedicated to him and will not do wrong on him.


hope this helps


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