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Think I made a bad decision

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Okay, I think I kind of made a bad decision today. You see, my g/f and I have come to this agreement that we were not going to spend alot of money on each other's gifts for Christmas. But, today she took me shopping for a gift. Now the gift she wanted to get me was way over the limit we agreed on. So I said I didn't want her to get it for me. I'm not quite sure but I think I might have made her feel a little uncomfortable. Should I have let her buy me the gift or should I have done what I did. I know that those kind of things might bother a woman and I'm not quite sure of what to do.

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well, i can't say that you did the right thing, but i also can't say that you did the wrong thing either. i mean, you didn't want her to spend more than what was agreed, but at the same time, she was wanting to buy you certain things that was over the limit. i think that if she is offering to go over the limit than there is nothing wrong with that. the only thing i could see as being wrong here is if you were the one trying to make her go over the limit, but thats obviously not happening here. i really think that when it comes down to it, your gf doesn't really care how much money she spends on you, she just wants to get you something that you would like. if you really don't want her spending much money on you & you think that maybe she is a little hurt by what happened, then you should talk to her. explain to her that she's all that matters & she doesn't need to spend a lot of money on you because just having her makes you happy enough. of course only tell her that if its true though.

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Ok i'm assuming that she didn't buy it eventually. I'd be pretty cut myself, I'm willing to do this and you won't accept it. She might understand later on that you just wanted to follow the rule but its like she's giving you her love and you don't wanna accept it. Talk 2 her let her understand, I think that'd b the best way to go.


Your choice wasn't wrong, that's what you wanted, you just need 2 think about how ppl will feel thats all, its still pretty much the same.


Happy Heb

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