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Saying good bye and letting go of someone you loved...

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Today, I said goodbye and finally let some of my underlying raw thoughts out to a man that I was completely head over heels for. The thing is, he is married, and in a marriage I think I will never understand. Don't think he is truly happy, but regardless, he's still married, and we decided to just be friends... but i came to the realization today that i can't be. Because I see him so much more than that...


it's a vicious cycle, and i'm torn right now, because i know what i did was right (best 4 my heart)...but at the same time, i'm gonna miss him to death.


do you guys believe i did the right thing? god...letting go can be so hard. why do we need to let go of people??? is it for the best?

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yes, Yes, YES, You absolutely did the right thing.


I'm going through a slightly similar situation... having to let go of someone I cared about deeply. He's getting married with a baby on the way. The easiest thing for my heart is to not talk to him at all (we work together). That is the only way I can get through this.


I've found that my faith shows up at the oddest times. I'm not really religious, but I have to know that God has a chosen path for me. He made me for one certain person, I just haven't met that person yet. I believe the same for everyone. There is one special person out there especially for us. Sure, we can be happy with other people, but God has a specific person intended for us.


So keep holding on, and we'll both get through this.

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sometimes i feel that he was "the one"... he was that chosen person for me... but obviously not i guess... if all that he has caused me is pain. i know that in a year or so i will not feel the pain when i think about him and that i will almost laugh in reflection about where i used to be....


i guess you can't control someone else's feelings or actions, you can only control your own.


sometimes i feel like closing the book and walking away from this might have been a mistake... but is it just the heart in me missing him that's telling me this?

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you did the right thing, it is impossible for you to stay friends with him right now. The prob with married men or women is that they are torn between there family (which they get some needs from) and you (which you are filling some of his other needs). Its like a cow with two bails of hey, he nibbles on both because he cant get rid of either. You are like his one addiction and his family is like another, doesnt want to give up either. Now I'm sure if you could guarentee great sex all the time with no attachment and promise that you guys would never get caught he would jump, but you know as well as I do that that is impossible with the feelings you have for him.. There are a ton of single guys out hear (me being one of them) that would love you attention. So get back out and find you one that you can call "yours"

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