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Turn ons, what do girls like best?

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This subject very interesting to me. I want to be able to do every little/big thing possible for my gf, to bring her pleasure. So..what are some turn ons that girls like? What are some specific ways you like to be touched/kissed..and how? What should we NOT do and what SHOULD we do?? If there are some girls that could help out on this topic that'd be great and if there is any guys that know what girls like then cool,feed back would be nice, thanks!

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Well,where do i start!!!!!!....


I cant speak for everyone out there,but here are a few i personally like...


1)Kissing the neck and throat softly.(a little heavy breathing doesnt go a miss either!)


2)having any part of my body massaged(inculdes legs,shoulders and feet)


3)having someone run their fingers trough my hair and gently scratching the back of my neck


4)i love my hips being touched


5)a bit of passionate kissing,tongues (but not lizard style)


6)my butt being played with!


Well those are my top six,hope i helped you in your findings!

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Well here are some of the things i love:

1) when kissing do it softly at first then a little more intense..but dont gag her or anything.

2) I love it when a guy just hols my waist, while kissing.

3) if making out or whatever, make sure you let her know you are enjoying her company...soft moans, breathing...

4) kissing on the neck!! definetly!! also the shoulders and the spot right underneath the chin, but dont suck hard or slobber too much.

5) Girls LOVE to be caressed not fondeled! so be nice while rubbing her...body...or whatever!!

6) When kissing, soflty touch her face, and run your fingers through her hair, and hug her tightly for a few seconds, it makes us feel sooo wanted.

7) Compliments!! if you touch her hair say its soft, or compliment her lips, her figure, but only compliment one thing at a time or she'll think your' 8) e sweet talking her.


Well i hope this helps!!

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well, my girlfriend, atleast, loves it when i start by kissing her neck, then moving down her collerbone towards one of her breasts and nipple. after softly kissing her breast i move back up to her neck while at the same time using my thumb to make small, light touching circles on her nipple. alternating this and lightly pushing against the bottom and outside of her breast makes her go wild. but that's just her.

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Well.. when my fav things that my bf does to me is kissing my neck and nibbling my ears. when he slowly moves his hands up and down my thigh i love that too. but the best thing is he offers to give me a back rub where i sit in front of him and after 5 mins or so he moves his hands slowly (still massaging) to the front of me eventually rubbing my chest and breasts and belly. works like a charm!

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i love when my boyfriend kisses my neck and nibbles on my ears! also being held tightly but not too tightly... held like your being wanted by the other... while your making out maybe run your hand through her hair but be soft and sweet about it... dont pull her hair... i know that i hate getting my hair messed up so be careful

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Well the first thing you have to do is free your mind of limitations. "All is fair in love and war." That means you have to be willing to do anything it takes to please her.

On to the lessons. You have to get inside the mind of a woman in order to please her, a woman's sexual pleasure is mostly mental because her erogenous zones are linked to her brain, literally. In order to figure out what women like is to pick up a romance novel, flip through it until you find the sex parts, read them. That will give you the basics when you need a reference point.

1)Women in general absolutely love to get massages, if you can give a good massage you are already on your way into becoming a fine lover.

2)Oral sex, women crave it, and any who say that they don't really like it either had a bad experience or are lying through their teeth. Note, this is a long slow process, you don't have to be continuous about it unless you are trying to make her orgasm that way. Tease, go deep, make your tongue into a conductors baton, and whatever you do, stimulate the clitoris.

3)Be fluid in your actions, and take your time. Often times you won't know what to do next, so while you are figuring that out keep doing whatever you are doing, or go to kissing if you are trying to think of a particularly good maneuver that takes alot of steps.

4)Keep your own excitement in check. Focus completely on her so you don't pre-cum, otherwise you are going to go flaccid real quick, remember this is the most physically challenging exercise ever.

5)biting is good (Caution not let your teeth come in contact with her genitals, cause it is uncomfortable to her.


Worst case scenario: If all else fails, ask her what she likes (not in progress) and save data for future usage. Ask what she wants (in progress)

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