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Hey...I need help with this one!


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Hey everyone,

I need some fast help on this one, and i also need some answers. U know how guys get when they know a gurl likes them, they act all macho and try to act like there all that lol.... is it possible that a shy guy cant even sit next to a gurl that they like a whole lot??? cause i know some shy guys get scared when they sit next to their crush or try to get close to them....like u touch them and they get red...that sort of thing lol.

But my problem is this. I like this guy who is very shy and i have a good feeling he does like me to. Hes just scared to show it around the guys and when were all alone...we cant talk to each other...and thats a big prob since i am very shy too...what can i do to open up to him, and only him! without anyone else around?????




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Some fast help?!


So you have to make him talk, a good tip is to be funny and to say some compliments. If this is still too "unshy" for the situation try breaking the ice with some irony. Yeah irony is always a great ice breaker. Just don't get too ironic. Make him smile at you.


I think I lost my shyness some time a go. And yeah, I used to get scared like those guys when "that" girl sat close to me. PANIC! NOOOOO!!!! RUUUUUNN!!!


It all ends ok. Just don't push things. Don't expect too much from them either

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Well if ur both really shy then you will understand how he feels. Just be yourself around him, keep limited eye contact with him but if you stop talking or he looks at you anytime, look into his eyes and flash a smile or something. Don't expect yourself to do too much as you are shy too. Don't worry, you don't have a lot to worry about at all since he's shy, he shouldn't expect too much out of conversations as he isn't doing is fair share of talking either.


hope that helped.

Happy Heb

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