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Christmas. The time of spending it w/family, friends, etc. Presents, church groups, singing, and baking until 3a.m. Haven't gone to my hometown for 31/2 months. We are a close family. My parents are 1st time grandparents to my 6month daughter. They haven't seen her since she was a wee one. Now, ok. My boyfriend. That is where I am at now. He is often illogical when it comes to decision making. I've been living here for 4 years w/him and have been to every holiday spent at his hometown. His dad joked about our baby travelling so much miles and why she can't just travel little miles to visit his hometown. Trust me, could have but once it was cause of the weather which was Thanksgiving. Anyway, tried to talk to my hubby about that. He says "Oh God" "Let's not start this"...I quit school to live w/him and have a wonderful baby. He doesn't even appreciate that. My family probably misses me and haven't seen her in months. We have dinners w/his family. Now, they are complaining about her not going to visit their hometown. Isn't that a little bit way off??? What should I say to him or his dad???

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Just try to explain to them that ur daughter should be with both sides of her family. She should alternate between the sides of the family so everyone is happy.Think of her in this situation. When she gets older and realizes the people, u really dont want her to only kno one side of the family and feel awkward with the other.


I guess you have to flat out tell them that u want her to be with both sides, and the onyl way to do that because of the distance, is to alternate between families.


If its at all possible u could try having the holidays, or even just get togethers at your house, so they all can come and do the traveling themselves. But then again it depends on ur circumstances and all that, just a suggestion tho.

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Well, they both need to respect the idea that you have a family also, and have dropped your life just to be a part of theirs.


My opinion: You and your daughter go to your families. If your hubby and his father disapprove, well poo on them. If they want to be with you on the holidays so bad than they can make a sacrifice for once and go to your families house.


I say stand up for what you want to do. If hubby has a problem with it let him know that you miss your family and you think its time that they get a holiday visit as well. Tell him that time should be equally distributed between the in-laws.


I hope this helps a tiny bit.


Wishing the best,



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