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ok, this is something that has been bothering me for a LONG time. it seems to be the same thing and i've talked about it with people before but it's always talked about differently every time. i just have trouble understanding the root of the problem. now, i have had little luck with you guys in replying to my posts (gets buried to fast i think), but the greatest help i KNOW you can offer is if i had an opportunity to have a 1 on 1 converstation. there has been one or two of you who have helped me to the best of their ability, but i would love it if there would be someone else on here that could do the same for me


my problem is simple. if i like a girl, she of course covers every inch of my thoughts. whether it be a day by day fling, or a crush lasting for months. the things i've noticed is that at the first sign of rejection, the little bit of my brain that 'likes' a girl, snags itself onto someone else. and i forget about the pain of the other one. now, i knew from the start this would be a major emotional rollercoaster ride. now, i think i can think of about 10 girls, that if i lined them up beside each other, that i could say i have definate distinct feelings for them. and it's just degrading in myself. i dont know why this is though.


slightly different question:

i have a great reputation among girls but how can i figure out which ones i might try to get my attention to. someone that would be , more or less, safer to like.


i hope this makes some sense. and if anyone wants to contact me outside of replying by post, i DO regularly check my PM's


everyone have a good one! later!


PS: anyone who can find any way that the subject of this message actualyy relates, i'd love to know - sounds like a song title

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Humm....this is a hard one. But let me try to help. It sounds like that you are not wanting to deal with the pain of rejection, but you are seting your self up for a big fall. The best thing will next time you feel rejection coming you should let it hit you then go after some one else. Now the secound question, You can ask your friends how the girls like you. I dont think that there is a thing called safe person to like. I hope that this helps, and you may pm me if you would like someone to talk to.

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