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lose him or keeping trying???


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Well if you following my problem with this guy name Chris then here is the other thing now...I took someone advise and wrote less then he did. He didnt bother to write back to me. His sister did tell me that he is very shy on the internet. We are going out to see them on Saturday. I think I am thinking about not going. He isnt showing interest at all. But he did come home when he was off on Saturday the first thing out of his mouth was he was off on saturday. does that mean something. If he isnt interest in me just friends that will be ok. but why did he say i am really sweet girl great body with great a$$ and wants to get to know me better. But we havent even talk so he cant say he doesnt like me now.


Should I foget about him even though he is my best friend family or should i forget about the emails he just dont know what to say??? or should i not go on saturday??



please help me

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Is this the Saturday you'd said you were hoping he'd be there, and he said he was gonna try to get off work?


If so, I'd go - seems he followed through with his saying he was going to try to get off, after you'd mentioned it. So at the very least, it seems he enjoys your company enough to make that effort, and could be quite discouraged if you didn't show up now.


Emails - ugh - his email looked like what I term the "typical guy email," some guys are just NOT writers unless they have something very specific to say. My best friend is a guy - and I can count the number of emails I've gotten that weren't apologies during an argument or something on one hand - in three years. When I asked? "Why? I'm gonna be talking to you in the next day or two anyways, why email stuff I can talk to you about in person?" So seems at least some guys just don't THINK quite the same way!

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Yes I know i was hoping he was going to be there this saturday but maybe you are right i will go and see from there. we are both going to be 21. i dont know but then again did i mention he was engage about 2 months ago and his girlfriend broke it off but my friend and everyone said chris willnt go back now. am i just replace him to keep him doing anything i dont really know

thaks for your help

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