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this is bothering me A LOT!!

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My fiancee is still in school, school is for socializing and having fun. Well the guys or guy friends at her school seem to obsess over her and harass her quite a bit, i.e e-mailing her a lot or other kinds of stuff. This REALLY bugs me a lot!! Guys don't seem to understand that she's with someone and wants to be left alone. (Grrr, I'm just mad writing about this)

What am I to do? tell her that she can't talk to guys anymore or tell her to drop her guy friends?? That would be stupid of me to do. I don't know what to do.



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You cannot control her life. Nor should you try. The harder you squeeze and try to control, the more she will slip through your fingers.


People don't want to be controlled, ordered around, told who they can and can't spend time with, etc. You will feel just like a parent to her and thats probably not what she wants out of a relationship. All you can do is tell her your feelings about things and let her make her own decisions.


Jealousy is good for exactly one thing - driving your partner away from you.

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there really is nothing you can do to stop guys from looking at her or flirting with her or whatever. but you shouldn't worry about those other guys because she is yours. she has you & shes probably not interested in any other guy. i have a boyfriend & occasionally i'll get guys talking to me & telling me that im beautiful or something, but it doesn't make me like my bf any less & i wouldn't trade my bf for any one of those guys. if any thing, its flattering that guys think that about me. i mean, you can't blame the guys for wanting her, obviously she must be a great girl to have so many guys after her. some guys are like that & girls can be too. if they see some one they like, they will go after them whether they have a boyfriend, or have married for 100 years. she will probably have guys after her her whole life so its just some thing that she will have to get used to & if you are going to marry her, then you will have to get used to people checking out your girl. if you trust her & know that she loves you, then you really have nothing to worry about. these other guys have nothing on you because you are the one that she cares about & obviously the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

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